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After the Super Genesis Wave disruption, the multiverse has changed. In one of the new universe, the humanized Sonic Heroes Z were fighting Dr. Eggman, who got the Chaos Emeralds. But thanks to Cubot, Heroes Z have been sent to another universe via Chaos Control.

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Now, Heroes Z and three girls will form a new team after being exposed to a substance known as Chemical Z.Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Sonic, Momoko A. – Chapters: 4 – Words: 36,811 – Reviews: 29 – Favs: 50 – Follows: 49 – Updated: 5/24/2016 – Published: 11/29/2015 – id: 11641750 They’re here! Freedom Fighters Z! Disclaimer: I own nothing Opening: Pieces of Hope [*Instruments Play*] Bubbles appears showing the letter “P” in light blue. Buttercup appears showing another “P” in green. Blossom appears showing “G” in pink. The letters come together to form “PPG”. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles appear before they glowed into blue, yellow, and red lights.

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Public release xiaomi redmi note 4x nike

The blue light turned into an “S”, the yellow light turned into an “H”, and the red light turned into “Z”. The letters formed “SHZ” together below “PPG”. Both “SHZ” and “PPG” come together to form the title: They’re Here! Freedom Fighters Z! [Let me tell you…don’t laugh when you hear it] The title zooms into the foreground as the background had the heroes colors mixed into one another as the symbol of what they represent are there as well. Bubbles and Tails are standing next to the Professor. Knuckles and Buttercup appears with the Mayor.

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Ken appears in front of the screen doing something before Sonic and Blossom moves him out of the way and got some screen time. Everyone watches as Ken was shaking his arm up and down, in a scolding manner, at Blossom and Sonic, while the two looked as though they didn’t or aren’t even paying attention. [It’s a beautiful story about this world] Blossom is by herself looking down. The girls show up by her sides and the boys showed up as well, all smiling or smirking at her. They gasped when they saw The Rowdyruff Boys and Girl Squadron appear.

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They looked around to see the rest of the villains appear, causing them to have deadpanned expressions. A flash is seen showing that a picture was taken.

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Princess appears and looks at the picture before noticing she wasn’t in it. She points the picture at Mojo, with a small vein on her head, which made the monkey have a tired expression on his face. Mojo starts to work on his Robo Jojo, with Fuzzy and Big Billy cheering for him, and Princess to turn to the viewers, with a smirk on her face. [I wonder why is the sky blue and the trees green?] Sonic is lying on a tree branch looking at the sky, with a half lidded expression.

He looks down to see his friends lying on the grass, obviously enjoying the sun. [And why does the sun shine so bright?] Sonic grins and decided to join his friends as he laid down on the grass, looking at the sun. The scene changes to show the heroes raising their hands in the air with colored rings appearing on their fingers.

[I’m sure that is because…] Sonic swipes his ring across his Compact, before the screen switches show to everyone doing the same thing.

They then slammed their Compacts down to their belts as colored lights erupted from them. [Of some complicated explanation] Sonic starts to do multiple poses, before it switched Blossom doing her own, then to Tails doing his own and Bubbles doing hers. [It’s not necessary to know] Knuckles is doing his poses then Buttercup aappears doing her poses. The camera flashes to the heroes, continuing with their transformation.

[Because it’s not like you can touch it] Sonic slowly turns around to the readers, with his friends appearing beside him, and they do one final pose in their transformation outfits. Mojo Jojo appears in front of the viewers.

A red alarm flashes inside the Lab. Ken, Mayor, Poochi, and Ms. Bellum are staring at the computer screen. [Right now, there is no wish that won’t come true] Professor slams his hand on his desk and points to the exit. The Heroes are running out of the Lab, getting ready to head out to the city. [We will just keep focusing on our dreams] Freedom Fighters Z are soaring across the sky in colored lights before they arrived in the sky. Mojo Jojo, in his Robo Jojo, is causing mayhem in the city as he grins evilly at the heroes arriving on the scene.

[There’s something I want right now that’s not the ideal] Mojo went to attack the heroes but they moved out of the way just in time. Tails, Bubbles, Knuckles, and Buttercup then attacked using their weapons. Sonic got into his Spin Ball and Blossom wrapped her Yo-Yo around him. She reeled her Yo-Yo back and launched Sonic, causing him to be covered in pink aura. The attacks clashed into Mojo Jojo as an explosion is shown.

Mojo is covered in dirt and he flies off into the sky with Freedom Fighters Z watching him. [Want to cry. Can’t cry. If I cry that’ll just cause more tears] Blossom is looking down at the ground with tears welling in her eyes leaning on tree. She gasped when Sonic appeared in front of her, with Tails and Knuckles behind him. Bubbles appears along with Buttercup but when she and Blossom saw each other they turned away causing the others to have deadpanned expressions. Blossom and Buttercup were having an argument, with Tails trying to separate them. Sonic and Knuckles looked on with sweat drops while Bubbles hung her head down. Bubbles shots at them causing everyone to jump. [Because isn’t a smile the most cutest?

] Blossom walks away from everyone, her bangs covering her eyes. She whips the tears away and the camera zooms in on her face. She looks up with a bright smile on her face and hearts appearing. Sonic comes in and wrapped his arm around Blossom, smirking.

[Although that’s what I’m told] Sonic and Blossom jumps back, in their transformation outfits, and spread their arms out causing green, light blue, orange, and red lights to come out. The lights disappeared and formed into Knuckles, Buttercup, Tails, and Bubbles in their final pose to the viewers. “Okay,” Sonic started, eyes closed and his eyebrow twitching in annoyance as he ignored Blossom’s panicked rambling.

“Can someone please tell me how you managed to catch us?” He opened his eyes half way and was glaring at the two Scientists, who sat next to them, comically. “And was it really necessary to tie us up like this?” The reason why he’s annoyed?

It’s because earlier, after the battle with Mojo and putting the animals back in the Zoo, along with running away from the Mayor, Sonic and Blossom got caught by a Van, which had mechanical arms. It grabbed the two, strapped them to a bed together and put them inside, where two Scientists were waiting for them. The Scientists, whose names are Professor and Ken Utonium, apparently knows the Mayor and the blonde woman as the two were sitting up front. The woman is driving and the Mayor is looking at them. “Those two were the ones causing the ruckus earlier.

” “Where are you taking us?! And who are you guys?! What do you want to do!?” Blossom asked, still in panic mode. “Say something! Mou~” The Professor and Ken looked at each other and back at Blossom, who now had a curious expression as she looked around.

“And where’s the chocolate I was going to eat?” “Seriously?” Sonic deadpanned as he stared at her. They just got kidnapped and all she’s thinking about is candy?

The Robot Dog, Poochi, came up to Blossom, chocolate bar in his mouth, and he sat it down. “Oh thanks.” Blossom smiled before realization appeared on her face as she remembered the situation they were in. “No! I mean what are you doing to us?!” She questioned as she struggled to get out. “Chill Bloss!

” Sonic said. “Sorry. Just bear it a bit longer.

So stay calm.” Ken pleaded as Blossom stopped and had a comical suspicious look on her face. “Ah, I see. You want to use a cute girl like me and a handsome guy like Sonic. You plan to make us into bad guys right?!

That isn’t happening!” “Please don’t say that! We just need to check you both out.” Professor said, with a serious look on his face, surprising Blossom and getting Sonic’s attention.

“Check us out?” Sonic repeated. “Yeah!” Ken nodded.

“This is for your sake!” “Don’t you want to know too? Why your form is like that?” Professor asked. “Yeah. I do want to know.” Blossom replied being calm. “What do you mean? Those lights from earlier did this to us.” Sonic said, before a thought appeared in his head. “What were those lights?

” “It’s the effect of Chemical Z.” Professor explained as memories of what happened flashed in his head. “Chemical Z, made by accident, was shot at the mysterious iceberg. Suddenly, mysterious white and black lights scattered all over. And it wasn’t just them. But there were three different colors as well. Blue, yellow, and red.” He looks at the teens.

“It’s an effect from those lights.” “Lights.

” Sonic and Blossom looked at each other, memories from before flashing in their heads. “Those lights came out that time and…at the same time black light.

Seems it’s what created the ruckus in the Zoo earlier.” Ken said, explaining the rest. “The Zoo too?!” Blossom asked in shock.

“That green monkey!” Sonic stated, as Mojo appeared in his head. “He must’ve been a regular monkey, but then got hit with the black light.

” “Then that means…” Blossom started as she narrowed her eyes at Ken and Professor.

“Isn’t it your fault that this happened?” Sonic had a half-lidded look as he stared at them blankly, making them have sheepish expression.

“Ummm…well…” Ken was trying to explain and looked at the Professor as he looked back. “That Chemi-something Z?” Blossom asked thinking it over and smiled. “Well that’s fine. Since I got these cute clothes and became a super heroine.

Now I can be like Sonic. By the way, can you untie us? We won’t do anything bad, promise.

” Ken walked up to them and unstrapped, causing them to stretch their limbs out. Blossom then went to her chocolate. Music: Victory Lap [Demashiita!

Powerpuff Girls Z] “Heh!” Sonic grinned. “I got no problem with it also. Besides, I look awesome in this.” “Speaking of, we would like to ask a few questions about you Sonic.

” Professor said, looking at Sonic. “Hm?” “You see, late last night, our computers picked up three inter-dimensional anomalies.

” Ken explained. “Not only that, but we have footage of the bright light that erupted from the sky and three meteors coming out of the light.

And those meteors were the same colors as the lights from earlier.” “Just this morning, Ken and I went to the location of where you, the blue meteor, landed first which was New Townsville Park.” Professor said. “Yeah! It was where I found Sonic last night and brought him home.” Blossom said, staring at Sonic lovingly.

“It was there we found that Gold Ring of yours.” Professor continued, making Sonic blink.

“Then we went to the Soccer Field where that red meteor went and found nothing there. We don’t even know where the yellow meteor went to.” Sonic nodded his head. Knuckles’ yell from earlier, them coming here last night, the lights of their respective colors.

Oh yeah, they were definitely here. He looks at Professor. “Look, dude. I’m more than happy to answer a few of your questions.

But first we have to find my friends. I mean that’s what Bloss and I was going to do until you came and strapped us here.” The Professor looked sheepish at that, seeing Sonic look at him with an annoyed expression.

But he nodded his head in understanding at wanting to look for his friends. “Ok, I got you.” Everyone heard barking noises coming from Poochi.

They turned to him and saw he was looking out at the window. “What is it, Poochi?

” “Friends are coming.” Poochi smiled, turning to Ken. “Ah! The dog talked!

” Blossom exclaimed, while Sonic blinked in surprise. “Didn’t think you could talk.” The Blue Hero said. “I love talking!

” Poochi said happily, jumping on the bed and standing on his hind legs, before he got on all fours. Blossom crossed her arms and had a disappointing expression.

“There’s so many things in this world I don’t know.” She put her finger on her cheek. “Like a secret world that the school wouldn’t tell you about.

” Sonic gave her a half lidded deadpanned expression. “By the way, this digital dog, Poochi, can talk because of Chemical Z.” Ken smiled.

“Really? I just thought you programmed him to talk.” Sonic said. “But anyway.

” He turned to Poochi. “What were you saying just now?” “It’s friends!

” Poochi said happily as he danced around. “Third and fourth friends!

” Everyone, except the driver, watched as Poochi jumped to the open window of the roof. “Friends?” Professor asked.

“Third and fourth?” Sonic and Blossom looked at each other before they followed Poochi.

They looked from across the other side of the river. They saw two kids, a boy and girl, their own age on the other side. The girl in light blue was happily skipping, holding a big Bubble Wand, while the boy in yellow was flying and carrying a large wrench.

Music: Flow [Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z!] Can you believe it, Tails?

” Bubbles asked in joy. “New clothes came flying down from the sky. Happy! Lucky!

Big Love!” She jumped higher, smiling brightly. “The world should skip with us!” “Well actually I’m flying.

” Tails smiled. After the two made it through the city, Tails had discovered that he was able to fly now. Whatever those lights did to them gave them super powers now! How awesome was that!? After quickly getting the hang of it, he flew right beside Bubbles as she skipped.

“But yeah! They should!” Tails continued as he and Blossom sanged.

“Oh, aren’t their smiles lovely?” Mayor asked, holding the binoculars as he looked at the two. Let me see.” Blossom took the binoculars and looked at the two kids. “That girl…” She said staring at her. “I feel like I’ve met her somewhere before…

” She turns to the boy in yellow. “But I don’t know about that boy…huh?! They’re wearing the same outfit that me and Sonic have on but with different colors.

” “TAILS!” Sonic shouted in joy, making Blossom jump as she turned to him. “That’s Tails?!

” “Huh? You know him?” The Mayor asked. “Yeah.” Sonic nodded.

“He’s one of my friends that we were going to find.” “Really!?” Ken asked.

He looked outside and saw the two going faster. “Ah! They’re getting away! Let’s go after them.” “Yeah.” Professor said. “We have to research them as well.” “Okay, let’s speed up!” Sonic exclaimed as he and Blossom hopped back in. The Van soon began to pick up speed.

“If that girl joins with me…” Blossom thought out loud. “If she joins?” Professor, Ken, and the Mayor asked at the same time. “Hm?” Sonic looked at with a raised eyebrow “Well, it’s just since Sonic and his friends are already a team. If that girl joins with me…” Blossom started off before smiling.

“Of course as red, I would be the leader right?” She winked as everyone face fault.

“But then again, together with Sonic Heroes Z and my new team, then wouldn’t Sonic be the leader as well, since he’s blue?” Meanwhile Music Change: Mojo Jojo [Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z!] The Evil Monkey, Mojo Jojo, is walking down a path carrying a stick to help keep himself up due that fight he had with those heroes.

“I let my guard down and got beaten up.” Mojo said in a depressed tone. But that depressed look turned into an angry frown.. “Next time Mojo will have my revenge on those sweet smelling humans!

” The Monkey heard giggling and laughing noises. He looked ahead and saw two children, a boy and girl, wearing the same kind of outfits like the last children from before.

However, he clearly noted the color difference between the outfits. The blond hair girl was skipping happily while the boy was flying next to her “Who are they?” He asked.

“Hey! You smelly humans!” BONG! The girl didn’t pay attention as she jumped on Mojo’s back which made him scream in pain as he was a still injured.

She jumped off him, making him fall flat on his face. “Huh? I think I stepped on something. Oh well.” “No kidding!

You jumped higher!” The boy exclaimed.

A large comical vein then appeared on Mojo’s helmet as he glared at the children. Why were they ignoring Mojo like he didn’t exist!?

Why weren’t they paying attention to him!? What’s wrong with them!?” He got back up and ran in front of them “STOP!” But the girl jumped above Mojo again. He tried to catch her but he fell on his back. “Did you hear something Bubbles?

” The boy asked. “Nope!” Bubbles replied, still skipping.

“Why you!” Mojo got up and ran beside her. “Stop skipping and flying!” He got in front of her again.

“Hey! You’re not getting away from me!” Bubbles stopped jumpingd, just as the boy stopped flying, as they finally notice Mojo. The boy had a confused and surprised expression at seeing a talking green monkey. “Hey who-” The boy stopped as he saw Mojo charge at his friend.

He was trying to punching Bubbles, but she was dodging without even knowing it. “Oh, how fun.” Bubbles jumped on Mojo’s face and got away from him. “Hey! Leave her alone!” The boy, Tails, hit the monkey with his new wrench, making him see stars before he followed after Bubbles.

Not noticing the Van that’s right behind them. Poochi was barking angrily as he glared at Mojo, seeing him chase his new friends. Like Sonic and Blossom, he too could the dark aura that’s surrounding Mojo. “Poochi, what’s wrong?

” Ken asked. “It’s that Monkey!

” Sonic exclaimed. A smirked appeared on his face. “Looks like someone hasn’t learned their lesson yet.” “We can see his dark aura!” Blossom added looking through the binoculars.

Ken looked at Mojo, with his own binoculars, and didn’t see nothing. “I don’t see a black aura.” “I think I understand.

Since Poochi and the others have been hit with the lights, they must have the ability to see the black aura’s.” The Professor explained as he looked out a Mojo, seeing him get whacked again by the wrench from Tails. A thoughtful look appeared on his face. “Could it be…that the black light caused the monkey to go violent?

” “Yup. He’s the bad guy.” Sonic replied. “Okay then! Ms. Bellum, let’s hurry to them!” Mayor ordered.

“Okay.” The blond woman, now named Ms. Bellum, footed on the gas pedal and drove really fast, much to Sonic’s excitement. The Van sped up to Mojo, making him turn to it before he got hit by it. He hit the roof of the Van and candy came out of his robe. Sonic sweat dropped when he saw the candy.

“What the…? Where did he-oh God don’t tell me that’s…” He flinched as he heard the gasp from Blossom, making him to turn to her. “Those are ALL my candy from the store!” She said, with hearts in her eyes, as she brought them in. “My snacks!

” They heard Mojo whining. Blossom got up on the roof and glared at Mojo angrily.

“How are they yours?! They’re all my snacks!

” “You again!” Mojo exclaimed as he glared back at her. As if the two were in a race, they were picking up the rest of the candy that was on the roof and all that was left was the chocolate bar. “Got it!” Mojo said as he took the rest of Blossom’s snacks and the chocolate bar. “Mojo off!” He said as he got off the van. “Stop!” Blossom said as she jumped off also running after him. “Oh boy.” Sonic said as he got out. Bubbles and Tails stopped what they were doing as they dropped a cat off. The cat meowed at them before running off. Tails looked around in case that monkey came back to attack them. But who exactly was that? And why did he attack them? Well whatever, if that monkey comes back then he will definitely teach him a lesson.

Just as Bubbles started to skip again while Tails was flying, the stopped again as they saw the Monkey and an orange hair girl, wearing a pink version of Bubbles’s outfit, skipping as well. Tails sweat dropped as he noticed the candy that was in the Monkey’s arms. “Those people are enjoying a skip as well aren’t they?” Bubbles asked smiling innocently making Tails face fault. “You stay away from Mojo!” Mojo d Blossom.

“Not until I get my snacks!” Blossom shouted as she was still chasing after Mojo. “Hey! Tails!

” Tails eyes widened as he heard the familiar voice. He turns around and a big smile appeared on his face. “Sonic!

” He said happily as he jumped and hugged his big brother. He let him go and looked at him before he blinked in surprise.

“Hey, your clothes! Their like…” He looked at his clothes.

“Long story. I’ll tell you about it later.

” Sonic smirked, making Tails nod. They both heard a cry as they turned around and saw Mojo Jojo down the dirty hill. They looked ahead and saw Blossom was waving her finger and had a smug smile on her face. Sonic grabbed Tails and quickly ran to Blossom’s side. Bubbles showed up looking concerned for the monkey. “I do not think you guys should tease Mr. Monkey.

” Mojo got up with tears hanging down his eyes and that same bump on his head. “Yeah! What a good thing to say!” “Listen Bubbles, that monkey is evil.” Tails exclaimed, glaring at the Monkey. “Earlier he tried to attack us but I fought him off.” “Yeah! He’s a monster.

” Blossom said. “Really?!” Bubbles asked, surprised.

“Don’t be fooled! I’m not a monster!

Mojo’s a good monkey!” Mojo yelled out. Bubbles looked uncertain but then Sonic came and whispered into her ear. “Look more carefully.

You see that black aura coming out of his body? It shows he’s one of the many bad guys we’re gonna face in the future.” “And…normal monkeys can’t talk!” Blossom stated, pointing to Mojo. “EHHHH!

” Bubbles and Mojo gasped in shock. “That’s true…normal ones don’t talk.” Mojo said dumbfounded.

“Mr. Monkey can’t talk.” Bubbles said in confusion. “He’s the bad guy, so we have to fight him. Okay Bubbles?

” Tails asked her. “Okay!” Bubbles said happily, making Tails sweat drop a little bit. “Oh no you don’t!” Mojo shouted as he charged at them but missed as they jumped out of the way. “Strawberry Big Luck Spin!” Blossom called her attack move as she launched her Yo-Yo at Mojo, however he keeps dodgeing it. “Alright! An opening!

” Mojo exclaimed as he charged at Blossom, who was avoiding him. “Tails!” Sonic shouted.

“Right!” Tails answered.

They both slapped each other hands and formed into one big ball. “Rolling Combo!” They shouted getting Mojo’s attention as Blossom jumped out of the way. “WAHHHH!

” Mojo screamed before he got hit by the rolling ball and was squished like a bug, making him faint. Sonic and Tails got out of their Rolling Combo and gave each other high fives as they cheered.

“Whoa!” Blossom said in awe as she looked at the two heroes. “That was awesome guys!” Bubbles commented as she hugged Tails who blushed by her sudden action.

“Hehe.” Sonic chuckled as he gave everyone a thumbs up. “Hey!” The four heroes turned around to see the Van pull up in front of them. As Professor and Ken got out, they strapped Mojo to the bed. Sonic and the others got in the Van as they drove off to their next destination. But unknown to them, they drove past Knuckles and Buttercup as they two were about to cross the street.

“A-A-ACHOO!” Buttercup sneezed on the back of Knuckles’ jacket.

“Don’t sneeze on me!” Knuckles exclaimed, glaring at her comically. “Well sorry!

It’s not my fault that I caught a cold!” Buttercup yelled. The wind started to pick again and it blown Buttercup’s skirt up, making her and Knuckles’ face turn red. “This…is…why…I hate…!” Buttercup said, shaking violently as a green aura appeared around her, scaring Knuckles a little.

“SKIRTS!” She waved her hammer up and then… WHACK!

“OW! WHAT THE HELL!?” Poor Knuckles… Utonium’s Lab Music: Tails’ Workshop [Sonic Battle] Sonic and the others were being examined by Ken and the Professor.

Poochi was watching Mojo who was still knocked out, and as for the Mayor and Ms. Bellum, they were just watching the Scientists work. “It’s just as we thought, Professor.” Ken said, looking at Tails and Bubbles.

“Those two have been hit by Chemical Z also.” “Chem-something Z?” Bubbles asked. Blossom looked at Bubbles with a deadpanned expression.

“That’s what I said…” Later After the examination was done, the heroes were sitting down on the couch with Ken and Professor in front of them. “Thanks for doing the examination.” Ken said as he placed a plate of snacks on the table in front of them. “No prob little dude.” Sonic said as they dug into the snacks.

“To elaborate on the simple explanation from before…you four have the power of Chemical Z inside of you. Those mysterious powers are all of Chemical Z’s power.

” The Professor explained. “Except for my speed.

I had that since I was born.” Sonic said, raising his hand. “But the sword and duds are new.” “I know it gave me unexpected powers.” Blossom smiled before everyone heard Bubbles gasp. “What’s wrong?

” Ken asked. “I see! So Tails and I didn’t change into these outfits!

” Bubbles smiled happily as she spun around and grabbed Ken’s hands. “We transformed did we not?” Sonic, Tails, Ken and Blossom face faulted in disbelief as blue lines appeared on their heads.

“So wait, if it’s true that Chemical Z gave us these powers, then how do we change back?” Tails asked. “That…” The Professor said with a nervous smile on his face. “I don’t know.” Everyone stared at Professor with comical shocked expression before they fell down. “But I do have a theory…

Poochi!” The Professor said. Poochi stopped growling at Mojo and turned his attention to the Professor.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he can now talk.” “That’s true, Professor.” Ken continued.

“Poochi and their forms are somehow connected I think.” “Yes. Remember how Poochi was acting eariler?

” Professor asked. Sonic, Blossom and Ken remember how Poochi was reacting in the Van before they ran into Tails and Bubbles.

“Then there IS a connection!” Sonic exclaimed.

“Excellent job, Professor!” Ken said happily.

Ken then walked up to Poochi and picked him up. “Then we should research him right away, right Professor?” “Correct.

” Professor replied. While Professor and Ken were examining Poochi, the Mayor and Ms. Bellum walked to the super powered children, Blossom floating in the air. “But what a surprise!

How can these children have this power?” The Mayor asked in awe as they flew around the room. “It’s true. I’m surprised too.” Ms. Bellum said. “And…” She turned her attention to Mojo, who was sound asleep.

The Children flew to where Mojo was stared at him, seeing a bubble snot on his nose. “He’s sleeping soundly, isn’t he?” Bubbles asked. “He sure looks like he’s enjoying it.” Tails answered, glaring at him. “Not for long!” Sonic said with a sly smirk as he turned to Blossom, who had a sharp needle.

POP! Music: Juvenile Misdemeanor [Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z!] Mojo screamed from the sudden noise.

He blinked a couple of times before he looked up to see Bubbles, Blossom, Sonic and the others looking at him. “Morning Fur Ball!” Sonic grinned. “You guys!” Mojo growled as he struggled to get out of the ropes.

“Let Mojo go!” “No. You’ll just cause trouble again.” Blossom said with a frown on her face. “Mojo won’t cause trouble.

Mojo’ll be good.” Mojo said calmly. “Really?

” Blossom asked, not buying it. “By the way, where’s my snacks?” A sweat drop appeared on Mojo’s head along with a scared expression as he saw Blossom glare darkly at him. “Now. Give back my snacks!

” She reached her hand out in front of Mojo’s face. “S-na-cks!” Mojo looked at Blossom, before he looked away and started whistling. “Oh! You ate them didn’t you?!” Blossom asked in shocked as water formed in her eyes. “Who ate that delicious strawberry big luck bun, cookie, and the slightly bitter chocolate?

” Mojo asked, turning back to her. “I knew it…you ate them!” Blossom said, getting more water in her eyes. “Uh oh.” Sonic muttered. “YOU AWFUL MONKEY!

” Blossom shouted as her head got large making the others blink at her. “Did you eat them the right way!?” Her head returned to normal and then turned to Sonic. “Sonic…

he at my snacks! I was looking forward to eating them!” “It’s okay! We’ll get more snacks, I promise!

” Sonic sweat drop as he turned to Tails who also had a sweat drop as well. “I see. This is it.” Professor said, getting everyone’s attention. “You guys. Come here. Yes.” He then grabbed a disk that was coming out of the machine and went to the living room. Everyone followed after him, though Blossom glared at Mojo comically, “Poochi, watch him okay?” Ken said before leaving Poochi and Mojo by themselves.

“Hey! Don’t leave Mojo alone!” Mojo yelled.

Poochi starts barking at Mojo which made him jump. Everyone is in the living room. Sonic and the others were standing still watching The Professor plug in some sort of Laser Ray Gun in a machine. “Okay. Now hold still.

” He told them as they nodded. Music Change: Invincible [Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Knuckles] He fired at the heroes.

Bright lights were surrounding them and there Compacts started to glow also. They are soon covered in white light. As the white light started to fade, our heroes were back in the clothes that they once wore. “Whoa, what’s this?” Sonic asked as he was looking at himself.

“We’re back to normal.” Bubbles replied as she looked at her clothes.

“Yeah!” Tails said, looking at his clothes. “Cool!” Blossom beamed.

“Amazing!” The Mayor said happily.

“Professor, what’s this?” Ken asked as he was looking at the Rader on the Gun. “Checking those four…I thought about trying the Chemical Particle Beam.” “Awesome, Professor!” Ken said. “But this graph…

” Professor said, looking at it. “Hey, wait a minute!” Blossom shouted, getting everyone’s attention.

“What is it? Don’t tell me you feel bad?” The Professor asked. “I don’t feel bad, but I am in a bad mood!” Blossom yelled.

“What do ya mean, Bloss?” Sonic asked her. “The clothes we wore were cute! Why did you do that!?” Blossom said, glaring at Professor and Ken. “And I was a Heroine of Justice!

You returned me back to normal! Take responsibility for it!” Sonic had a half lidded comical expression on his face as he too realized that he lost his awesome sword.

While it was cool that they returned him to normal, he too wanted to know how he could transform back. Tails was about to say something but stopped as he felt something on his waist. He looked down and saw that he was wearing the belt he wore on his outfit.

“What a second! My belt is still here!” He said Bubbles blinked before she looked down and saw her belt also. “Mines here too…” “Same goes for me and Blossom.

” Sonic said looking at his and Blossom’s belt. “Let me see.” Professor said as he came up to Blossom and looked at her belt. He took the Compact off the belt. “Interesting. There’s a Compact in the belts.

” He said examining it. “Poochi!” After hearing Blossom’s yell about how she returned to normal, Mojo had a scared expression as he realized that they could return him back to a normal Monkey.

He tried to escape but Poochi was there and he insulted him, which made the dog bite him in the nose. It was then that Poochi started to attack Mojo. The Robot Dog heard the Professor calling him and left Mojo by himself, while he cries in pain from the bitings he took. “You awful doggy.” The Professor was examining Blossom’s Compact using the Chemical Partical saw the results on the Radar.

“I see. Poochi. Try saying Powerpuff Z.” “Say what?” Sonic and Tails asked.

“Powerpuff Z!” Poochi said excitedly. The Compact beeped as it started to fly towards Blossom went inside the belt. As it did, her and Bubbles’s Compacts started to glow. Music: Hyper Blossom [Demashitaa!

Powerpuff Girls Z!] Blossom raised her hand in the air as a pink ring, appeared on her finger and she balled her fist up smirking. “Hyper Blossom!

” She opened up her Compact and swiped her hand across it as it glowed. She lift the Compact, as it closed, and slammed it back into her white belt, causing pink glowing hearts to come out. As Blossom turns around, she is now wearing a pink swimsuit and pink shoes.

She flips her hair and moved her hands down to make a pink glowing vest appear. She posed her arms around and jumps to make the glow disappr.

She starts to do random poses and touched her Compact to make a pink skirt appear. After that she made black finger-less gloves appears.

She touched the left aide of her vest to make a yellow ‘P’ appear. Rings appear at the bottom of her gloves and top of her shoes, just as heart appeared on the hack of her vest. She turns around as a black choker, with a ‘P’on it, and white earrings appear at the same time. She does a pose, finishing her transformation.

Music Change: Rolling Bubbles [Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z!] Bubbles raised her hand in the air and a light blue ring appeared on her finger.

She held up her Compact as she smiled. “Rolling Bubbles!

” She opened up her Compact, just as a blue hair clip appears in her hair, and swiped her hand across it as it glowed. She lift the Compact, as it closed, and slammed it back into her belt as glowing bubbles came out of it. As Bubbles turns around, she is now wearing a light blue swimsuit and light blue shoes.

She touches her hair and then snaps her fingers down to make a light blue glowing vest appear. She posed her arms around jumps to make the glow disaplewr.

She starts to do random poses and touched her light blue Compact to make a light blue skirt appear. After that, she made black finger-less gloves appear.

She touched the left side of her vest to make a yellow ‘P’ appear. Rings appeae at the bottom of her gloves and top of her shoes, just as a heart appears on the back of her vest. She turns around as a black choker, with a ‘P’ on it, and white earrings appear at the same time. She does a pose, finishing her transformation.

Music Ends “HEY! We’re back to normal!” Blossom said happily, staring at her clothes.

“WHOA!” Sonic and Tails said with wide eyes. “How lovely.” Bubbles said happily.

Ken sweat dropped as a sheepish smile appeared on his face. “‘Returned to normal’?” He repeated.

The Professor took one look at Poochi and finally figured something out. “That’s it! I think I know how it works.” “How it works?

” Blossom asked. “What do you mean?” Tails asked.

“When those Compact’s life waves…are in sync with Poochi’s shout…

” He explained. “You guys can transform into Powerpuff Girls Z.” Blossom and Bubbles looked at each other in excitement.

“Powerpuff Girls Z?!” They asked. “Yes.” Professor smiled.

“With the power of Chemical Z…Heroines of Justice…” “Whoa whoa whoa!” Sonic interrupted, getting everyone’s attention.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about us?” He pointed at himself and Tails. Professor blinked as he just realized that which made the boys stare at him with half-lidded eyes and tick marks on their heads.

“Sorry sorry.” He said sheepishly.

“I don’t get it.” Ken said. “If Poochi’s shout worked for the girls then how come it didn’t for the boys?” “Hey yeah.” Blossom said, wanting to know as well. “I think I got it.” Tails spoke up. “Since Poochi shouted out Powerpuff Z…” He looked at their Compacts and outfits. “And their Compacts and clothes have the letter ‘P’ on it. That means that the girls are able to transform whenever he shouts Powerpuff Z!” “So then that means…

” Sonic said as he turns to Poochi. “Little guy, say Sonic Heroes Z!” “Huh?” Everyone, except for Tails, Bubbles and Blossom, asked.

“Sonic Heroes Z!” Poochi said excitedly, making Sonic and Tails Compacts glow. Music: Sonic’s All-Star Theme [Sonic All Stars Racing: Transformed] Sonic raised his hand in the air and a blue ring appeared on his finger. He balled his fist up and a grin on his face. “Blue Sonic!

” He opened his Compact and wiped his hand across it as it glowed. He lift the Compact up, as it closed, and slammed it back into his white belt causing glowing Gold Rings to come out. As Sonic turns around, he is now wearing a black shirt, with blue edges, and blue sneakers.

With snaps of his fingers, he made a blue glowing vest appear. He posed his arms around and then jumps to make the glow disappear.

He starts to do break-dance like poses and touched his Compact to make blue puffed pants appear. After that, he made black and blue finger-less gloves appear.

He does a few break-dance, causing blue lines to appear and follow his every movement before the lights come together on the left side of his vest to make a stylized yellow ‘S’ appear. He turns around and does a pose, finishing his transformation.

Music: Believe in Myself ~Tornado Time Remix~ [Sonic Lost World] Tails raised his hand in the air and a yellow ring appeared on his finger. He held up a Compact and smiled “Techno Tails!

” He opened his Compact and swiped his hand across it as it glowed. He lift the Compact, as it closed, and slammed it into his belt, causing glowing white wings to come out. As Tails turns around, he is now wearing a black t-shirt, the edges being yellow, and yellow shoes.

He raised his hand and moved them down to have a yellow glowing vest appear. He posed his arms around and jumps to make the glow disappear.

He starts to do poses and touched his Compact to make yellow puffed pants appear. After that, he made black and yellow finger-less gloves appear.

He did a bunch of moves as yellow lines followed his every move. The lights moved to the left side of his vest to form a stylized yellow ‘T’. He does a pose, finishing his transformation “Aw yeah!” Sonic cheered, looking at his clothes. “Alright!

” Tails cheered as well. “Wait, what exactly happened?” Ken asked in confusion.

“Alloq me to explain!” Blossom exclaimed.

“Back in their dimension, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are a team of super heroes called Sonic Heroes Z! They have all kinds of adventure together and they save their world from the evil scientist Dr. Eggman!” Bubble nodded in agreement.

“Tails told me that earlier before we had our powers.” Professor, Ken, Mayor and Miss Bellum were all shocked from the information.

Those boys were heroes!? Professor and Mayor were inwardly dancing with joy. Professor, because he now have new information about the boys, and Mayor because there were more heroes to protect the city of New Townsville!

Professor looked at the floor in thought. Sonic Heroes Z…Powerpuff Girls Z…with the dimensional travelling heroes and the recently new heriones then they would be unstoppable together!

When Poochi yelled Powerpuff Z, that made only the girls to transform, but when he says Sonic Heroes Z then the boys will transform. They need to form a new team name so that way they can transform together.

But what can be the perfect name for them? Let’s see, Sonic Heroes Z plus Powerpuff Girls Z…how about Power Heroes Z? No that’s dumb. Sonic Puff Z? No! That’s even worse! How about Powerpuff Sonic Heroes Z? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Power Hero 6 Z!? “Hmmm…” Bubbles was looking at the weapon in her hand. “What’s wrong, Bubbles?

” Tails asked. “This wand…” Bubbles said as she turned to everyone.

“How do I use it?” “Try blowing it!” Poochi told her. Bubbles did exactly that. She blew the hole part on her wand and bubbles came out of it. After seeing the bubbles a smile appeared on her face. “Cool!” Tails and Poochi said in amazement. Everyone in lab then watched as more and more bubbles appeared.

However, giant bubbles came out and sucked everyone in the lab, except for Sonic and the others into it. “What are these bubbles?” Blossom asked in a surprised tone. “HAHAHAHAHA!

” Sonic laughed as he pointed to everyone who was trapped in the bubbles. “It’s not funny!

” Ken shouted. “Whoaaaa!

” The Mayor said in a dizzy tone. “Amazing!” Tails exclaimed.

“These bubbles are like some sort of sticky and absorbing kind of substance.” He poked one of them. “Umm…” Bubbles said. “What’s up?” Sonic asked.

“How do I get them out?” Bubbles asked, with a cute confused expression on her face. The whole room went quiet for a little as everyone looked at Bubbles, and they fell down comically. “Man…you don’t even know how to make your bubbles go away.” Sonic said as he got back up. He then blinked in confusion as he realized something.

“Wait a second…” “What is it Sonic?

” Blossom asked her Hero. “If Poochi’s here with us, then who’s watching Mojo?” … Everyone stared at Sonic as gears started to turn in their heads. They heard the door open, causing them to turn to it and their eyes widened as they saw Mojo Jojo enter.

The Green Monkey’s eyes widened as everyone stared at him. He then made a dash to the window. Music: Versus [Demashitaa!

Powerpuff Girls Z!] “The monkey is getting away!” Blossom shouted as she tried to catch him with her Yo-Yo but missed. “Miss me!” Mojo said as he was at the window.

“Bubbles!” Tails said pointing at Mojo. “Leave it to me!” Bubbles said as she jumped and waved her rod. “Bubble Champagne!

” She shouted as bubbles came at Mojo. Mojo yelped in pain as the bubbles really hurt him. He then jumped out the window. “Hey!” Sonic shouted as he and Tails ran to the window and got out. “Get back here!” Blossom exclaimed as she went out as well. “Wait for me guys!” Bubbles said as she followed them. Both Knuckles and Buttercup were still walking together down the street.

Buttercup had an irritated expression, while Knuckles just looked bored. The red head looked to his left and saw a giant yellow house, being surround by a gate. That’s when Knuckles saw a…large green monkey jumping from a gate and running towards them, making him raise an eyebrow.

“What the hell? What kind of monkey is that?” He asked getting Buttercup attention and causing to look at the direction. “Get out the way smelly humans or I’ll smash you!” “It’s 500 years away for you to be smashing us!” Buttercup raised her hammer.

“Graviton Drive!” She slammed her hammer to the ground and a big wave of let appeared and started charging at Mojo. The Monkey’s eyes were widened in fear as he stopped running and looked at it. “OH NOOOOOOOOOO!

” He screamed as he was sent flying. Music: Unknown from M.E. [Over Clocked Remix] Knuckles whistled in amusement as he watched Mojo disappear.

He grinned and raised his hand to slap Buttercup’s back. “Not bad!” SLAP! “KYAAAAAAAAAAA!” Knuckles slapped her butt instead and Buttercup jumped a few meters in the air, screaming as she held put her hands on her butt before she landed on the ground.

“Um…sorry?” Knuckles apologized with his face all red. His eyes widened in fear as a green aura appeared around Buttercup as she slowly turns to him. He could see her whole face was redder than a tomato and she was gritting her teeth.

“W-W-W-W-Wait a second!” Knuckles said backing away from her. “You do know that was an accident right?

” Butter just glared at him angrily. First, this perverted bastard had the nerve to touch her butt earlier before they got their power…

then he saw her…lower half when the wind blew earlier…and now this punk SLAPPED HER ASS! THIS BASTARD HAD TO PAY! She raised her hammer up and had an evil grin on her face, causing Knuckles to sweat.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Knuckles exclaimed as he raised his hands. “Just calm down! “KNUCKLES!

” Two voices shouted. Buttercup blinked as the green aura disappeared.

She slowly lowered her hammer as she and Knuckles turned to the voices, who called out his name. And to his surprise and happiness, it was his two best friends; Sonic and Tails! The reason for his surprise is because they two wore the same outfit he has on now, though in their signature colors.


” Knuckles said happily and in relief that he was saved. He ran to them. “Alright!

I’ve been looking for you two all day!” “And we were just about to go look for you as well.” Sonic smirked. “Hey, these are the guys you were talking about?

” Buttercup asked in confusion. She turned her head and saw two girls wearing the same outfit as her run up to her. “Hey looks like you found your friend Tails!

” Bubbles smiled. “I’m so happy for you!” “Actually he found us.” Tails laughed.

“Who are you?” Blossom asked, staring at Buttercup which were mirrored by everyone else. “Me?” Buttercup asked back. Ending 1: Door of Midnight [Secretly, I open the door] A window is seen showing that it’s dark outside. In the foreground, an image of a bored Blossom appears.

She is shown wearing a black t-shirt, with four small white hearts in the chest area. [As the night wind blows, I slip into my shoes] Another image appears, showing Bubbles and Buttercup outside the window. The image of Blossom changes to show her with a surprised expression.

The background changes color to a more darkish pink color as an image of Blossom, standing up and holding red high heels. It shows her wearing a dirty green skirt.

The background changes back to the window showing that it’s open. [My heart is beating a bit hard] An image of the boys are shown. Sonic was leaning on a lamp post, arms behind his head. He wore a blue hoodie, white gloves, light brown pants, and his trademark sneakers.

Tails was sitting on the steps, his arms holding his head. He wore a yellow/orange open jacket, a white, v-neck black collar, t-shirt. He wore matching colored pants and his trademark shoes.

He also had a pair of goggles on his head and his hair was tied into two fox-like ponytails from behind. Knuckles was sitting on the railings with his arms crossed and eyes closed.

He wore a black t-shirt, a dark red un-zipped hoodie and matching pants. He wore his trademark sneakers.

[Like adults, it’s just me and him] An image now shows the boys turning their heads as they saw the girls running up to them. Bubbles was a long tank top. The top half of it was a darker shade of baby blue, with the bottom half was baby blue itself. She wore a white skirt, with a light blue strap design on it. Baby blue shoes with long socks and finger-less blue gauntlets Buttercup wore a green hat, finger-less green gloves with match v-neck style shirt.

She also wore dark green shorts and green shoes. Another image show’s the boys running to the girls as they stopped in front of them, though Buttercup tripped a bit, causing them to jump. Knuckles laughed at her, Sonic chuckled, Blossom smiled at her, and Tails and Bubbles smiled seepishly, while Buttercup herself had an annoyed expression as she glared at Knuckles.

[Let’s go!] Sonic and Blossom are seen, in their transformation outfits, flying together. [Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry…

] They grabbed each other’s hands and spun around really fast, before they let go as blue and pink streaks erupted from their shoes and they began to make zig zag lines. [Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry…

] The scene changes to show Freedom Fighters Z flying across the city, with crescent moon glowing right in the background. [Merry-merry-go-round, funky funny playground] The scene changes to show more view of the city with the heroes flying riight above it. [Merry-merry-go-round, funky funny playground] The scene now shows Freedom Fighters Z’s front as they flew past. Buttercup and Knuckles flies up to the left leaving off their green and red streak.

Tails and Bubbles flies to the right leaving their yellow and light blue streaks. Sonic and Blossom flies up in the center covering the viewers with their blue and pink streaks.

[The moonlight shines on a secret] The background changes to light orange as an image of the Fredom Fighters Z is shown in the foreground. The image show the heroes a store where they are looking at fancy clothes.

[A world still completely unknown] Two images are now shown. One shows Sonic staring at a set of clothes he likes and the other shows Blossom staring at a dress she likes.

The two images cut to show the clothes. For Sonic, he was looking at tuxedo.

It had a black jacket, matching pants, complete with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. It had gold gloves, gold strape and it had black and gold shoes to match. For Blossom, it was a black dress with pink flowers and ribbons randomly placed along the dress.

[What awaits me up ahead?] The images combined to show Blossom and Sonic, wearing the clothes that they saw, walking up to something as they began to see light.

The scene chages to show the doors opening. Behind the doors were the villains, all dressed fancy, staring at them. The scene now shows Blossom’s heel stepping on what looks like water as she turns into a pink light.

[Shining Star] Two images are shown in foreground as the background was now dark yellow. On the left side, it shows Sonic winking at something.

On the right side, it shows Blossom sitting in a white chair as she looks at something from the side and smiling. [Adorn me so that I am pretty] Both images changed to show Tails and Bubbles, on the left and right respectively.

Tails is waving at someone and is blushing. He is wearing a yellow slim blazer and a white dress shirt.

He wore black pants and had on white shoes. Bubbles is holding a pole and is smiling happily at the viewers.

She wore a light blue dress, the trims being white, that has pink fluff in random places. She had her toy Oct wrapped around her arms and wore long brown boots [Make me fall more in love] The images changed to show Knuckles and Buttercup.

Knuckles is leaning on a mirror as he had his arms crossed and a grin on his face. He wore a white dress shirt, green vest and a red jacket. He wore red pants and had on a red hat. Buttercup had a blush on her face as she messed with her hat. She wore a green sleeveless dress shirt with a belt wrapped around her waist.

She wore white/green pants and green shoes. On the white/green hat that has a pink flower on it. [I want to be like Cinderella in the night] The background changes to purple as an image is seen. Ken is wearing a white suit and was kneeling on the ground, holding pink flowers in front of the girls.

Beside him is a pink car with Poochi in it wearing glasses. The girls were looking at in amusment, though Buttercup looked bemused.

The boys were off on the side looking with amused smiles on the faces. [Oh Please] A close up of Sonc and Blossom’s face are seen as the two are standing back to back. Blossom had her tongue sticking out while Sonic had a grin and half-lidded eyes. In the background were their respective colors.

[Oh Please] A close up of Tails and Bubbles’s faces, standing back to back, appears and it shows Bubbles smiling and looking up at something while Tails winked. In the background were their respective colors.

[Cast your spell] A close up of Knuckles and Buttercup’s faces appear, standing back to back. Knuckles had a blush on his face his eyes looked upward and he scratched his cheek. Buttercup looked down with a raised eyebrow and mild blush.

In the background were their respective colors. [Don’t let go, let’s just keep holding our hands like this] Freedom Fighters Z are running down the street while holding hands.

Sonic was up front, Blossom behind him, Buttercup being third, Knuckles fourth, Bubbles fifth, and Tails being the last one. [Oh Please] Blossom is standing by herself in the foreground, on the top of the stairs, with a smile on her face and hands behind her back. The city was in the background as it glowed brightly behind her. [Oh Please] She turns around just as the scene changes to face her. [Cast your spell] Blossom lip sync to the viewers before she winked at them. The scene changes to show a yellow streak flying to the sky [*Instruments Play*] An image is seen showing a silhouette of Blossom, behind a window with the lights on, getting undressed and into her pajamas before she turns the lights off. Inside her bedroom, she pulls the blanket over her head and turns around to fall asleep. Back outside, Sonic is seen staring at the window, flipping a Gold Ring and had a smile on his face. He blinks before turning to the viewers.

[WOW!] He does his trademark grin and winks.