umi z dual sim 4g 4g dual sim phone

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Bye umi z dual sim 4g 4g dual sim phone

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Last update umi z dual sim 4g 4g dual sim phone

You can reach out to him for anything at Yussuf Sulaimanov Are you sure that the prime version of XRN3 pro is $154? Because it is the base model for 152 bucks and the prime version is around 180 dollars Joe Pricing has been updated according to the official company website.

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Yussuf Sulaimanov Can you provide links for your official update? Mr.Flying Zoom3rz These are the prices in China bro, sadly the retailers are selling the 3/32gb version of Redmi Note 3 Pro for $220 and up, while the corresponding 3/32gb Meizu M3 Note can be ordered for $199 worldwide.

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Yussuf Sulaimanov I do not believe you provide the links Mr.Flying Zoom3rz What?? What don’t you believe? You can check for yourself the international prices.

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The prices in China are for their local stores, you won’t find deals at that price on the web. I’ll guess you never ordered a china phone before? Yussuf Sulaimanov So clearly Meizu M3 note is definitely winner in price section Mr.Flying Zoom3rz I believe this phone will be the most attractive option this year for some wanting quality and reasonable performance on the cheap.

Last update umi z dual sim 4g 4g dual sim phone

Sakis Karamitsos Don’t think so…. Meizu Presale Price: $298.61 Xiaomi Pro Price: $225.89 Yussuf Sulaimanov And I am talking about the prices in China greg Nice Move with the price Meizu, both versions are a competitive alternative for Xiaomi counterparts greg The resellers got the basic version in 200 usd , so I dont know if the price is good enough now ; its a shame Mr.Flying Zoom3rz check meizuwolrd, the 3gb/32gb version is selling for $199 nirav patel Just 148$ for the 3Gb/32Gb version here in India! Mr.Flying Zoom3rz lol, you’re lucky rigge Meizu is more beautiful..

Redmi looks more clumsy.. I would buy the meizu m3 note tauerman Why not compare it to the Redmi Note 3 non-pro?? zupatami MIUI tweaks (find in play market) strongly recommended for MIUI Micke That’s for rooted phones with Xposed Framework.

Mr.Flying Zoom3rz The differences in the battery capacity between the two phones is so negligible that it’s not correct to point as advantage of M3 Note it’s “larger” battery. And to clear this out Redmi Note 3 Pro has a 4050mah battery and not 4000. ? Hussain Morbiwala Well seriously i think its better to go with Meizu because guys in India MI is performing too slow even they are opting better processor…

Confused??? I mean to say is in India MI is not able to deliver the handset to their consumers everytime false promises hope till now many consumers are yelling on facebook page Redmi India, MI India Twitter MI India.

Very bad but they still manage to give hopes but every flash sale is like a bouncer to MI. Checkout the attached snapshot of my mail to Hugo Barra he is too silent. Millet Air Purifier (Mi-Fan) Why do you write emails in comic sans, no one will reply you with that font jagadeesh medabalimi Any company, that is known as world class…..

remains world class until they open a branch in India and recruit a bunch of @$$holes to run it. Móviles Android Chinos I prefer the Meizu M3 Note. Is more beautiful and I like Flyme more than MIUI Lubemark Meizu M3 Note should be compared with MT6795 powered RedMi Note 3 not with the SD650 pro version ! jagadeesh medabalimi Instead of colliding head on with the Redmi Note 3, Meizu M3 note slightly undercuts the competition with pricing.

Both may continue to do well in their own way. Meizu looks comparatively beautiful though. nirav patel Hands down to Meizu, I got the 3Gb/32Gb version for just 148$ here in India from Amazon!!

nirav patel Camera is very bad. Lot of bugs in Flyme, missing menu button here and there. Like if you want to reset all app preferences ,you need menu key!! Or if you want to save a photo from Facebook app you need menu button.

Fingerprint scanner placement in m-back button was their worst idea. Sometimes i tend to go back instead of scanning finger print GizmoChina is a technical blog about products in China and subculture which includes smartphones, electronical gadgets, and everything else that comes under the genre.