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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro SIM Card Dual SIM Color Silver, Gray, Gold Capacity RAM: 2GB/3GB ROM: 16/32GB Language Multi Language Chipset CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 hexa-core System MIUI 7 (based on Android 5) Screen Display size: 5.5-inches Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels Cameras Rear: 16 mega-pixel, f/2.0Front: 5 mega-pixel, f/2.0 Network and Wireless Connectivity 4G FDD LTE : B1 / B3 / B7 Join GizChina on Telegram TDD LTE: B38 / B39 / B40 / B41 3G WCDMA : B1 / B2 / B5 / B8 TD-SCDMA: B34 / B39 CDMA: BC0 2G GSM: B2 / B3 / B8 WIFI : 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) Battery capacity Non-removable 4050mAh Dimensions 150 x 76 x 8.7 mm The Redmi Note 3 Pro is priced starting at an attractive 999 Yuan for the 2GB RAM/16GB ROM version in China, which translates to roughly $150. This is 100 Yuan over the 899 Yuan asking price of the Helio X10-powered Redmi Note 3.Yash is a blogger by profession, builder of things by passion and foodie by birth. You’ll usually find him talking about technology, music, travel and the game of cricket on the streets of Pune when not busy writing or speeding his way through the country! You can learn more about Yash, add him to your Google+ circles or follow him on Twitter to stay connected!

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realjjj Pricing for 3GB+32GB is 1119CNY (182$). The bands are the same except CDMA2000 support is added, the bands are listed on their site. tiktaktik 1119 or 1199 CNY? realjjj 1199 sorry, will edit the first comment SWEUP What means by 4G TDA? No FDE bands? realjjj to be announced, as in the author didn’t had the info yet. PaulBV I see no change in Xiaomi adding FDD B20 800 MHz band for Europe.

$100 OFF till 2017/3/20

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Is it a financial issue (patents etc.) ? realjjj They don’t sell in Europe yet, they are using the bands they need to in the markets they are actually present. Why they aren’t expanding faster, no clue… DEKKER They would need an additional certification, so why bother when they sell only in region where there is no B20. Andi Sykes Updated: 4G FDD LTE : B1 / B3 / B7 TDD LTE: B38 / B39 / B40 / B41 3G WCDMA : B1 / B2 / B5 / B8 TD-SCDMA: B34 / B39 CDMA: BC0 2G GSM: B2 / B3 / B8 rimakus They should add SD card support in second simm slot at least.

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That will make it more desirable by more people. realjjj That’s ok, other phone makers will. Steven Fox WoW, this is a super deal. Xiaomi are firing on all cylinders here! They really aim to destroy the competition in the local market.

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Looking forward to a review for Redmi 3 and Note 3 Pro dutchgio Damn, just ordered the mediatek version as it looked like the Sd version didnt come any time soon… It just shipped out, no possibility to cacel now… Would defintely like this version more. Radier I feel sorry for you. SD 650 is going to be killer mid-range SoC of 2016. dutchgio Yeah, not sure what do yet.. Might try to sell it for the price I bought it once the Pro is out for real, its definetely a better deal than the mediatek one. Im more a fan of Quallcomm actually but decided to give mediatek a go, not knowing a new phone, the exact same one but with a powerfull Snapdragon was coming. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Just sell it bro. Or live with it, just carry out a usb flash drive.

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Aeonia Wow…I really want this. Fingerprint Scanner- ✔ New CPU- ✔ Unibody- ✔ Metallic- ✔ See MediaTek..this is what happens when you delay the Helio x20 Abdou Azzedine (A2Z) redmi note series will never have helio x20 its not their flagship line Aeonia Maybe true but all the same..MediaTek should have released the Helio x20 at the beginning of the year. I’ve been waiting for over 7 months for that cpu..Originally set to arrive by Dec 2015 now its Feb 2016 realjjj It’s actually January 14 on Earth and the X20 is not a direct competitor to this one. But it will come, this is just the start of a year that will make all 2015 high end devices look silly.

Aeonia BTW which cpu wins in the gpu department?The Helio x20 with its Mali T880MP4 or the Snapdragon with its Adreno 510 realjjj No idea how the SD650 does on the GPU side since it’s likely crippled a bit vs SD652.

An even more important aspect is how hard it will throttle. If after 15 mins of gaming it drops to half the FPS or it can do better than that. So we’ll have to wait for proper tests.

The X20 does have the process advantage so there is a good chance it will do better but it can’t really be as cheap as the SD650 and it is much faster in CPU perf. Hiawei has MP4 on 16ff at 900MHz and they throttle very little , Mediatek on 20nm goes to 700MHz and usually they keep power consumption in check, not pushing clocks too high for the GPU to not be able to sustain them so it is likely the GPU won’t throttle. As for SD650/652 i am optimistic too as i assume the GPU is a somewhat minor upgrade over SD801 and it will behave in a similar way thermally.

Aeonia MediaTek has always placed 2nd tier gpu’s on their flagship cpu’s. The Helio x20 gpu is actually alot weaker than 2013’s Snapdragon 800..Anyone looking to do heavy game on 1440p with the Helio x20 is going to be very disappointed. realjjj That’s rather ignorant and makes you sound like a fanboy.

Others are using huge GPUs that can’t work at advertised speeds and only do well in benchmarks. Opinions like yours are enabled by poor testing,with sites only running stupid benchmarks that have value at all since in real gaming the behavior is very different.

Mediatek doesn’t oversize the GPU and offers something that works as advertised. The same honest and sane approach as Apple or Huawei’s latest SoC. They find a rational balance between perf,power and costs.

In the very high end, one cold go crazy on costs but Mediatek is yet to address that segment, we’ll see what they do with the X30. As for your claim vs SD800 ,that’s just not true. Karly Johnston That’s rather ignorant and makes you sound like a fanboy. Others are using huge GPUs because they push fps without issue unlike the cheap GPUs chosen by MTK. They overclock cheap hardware that burns battery and cheat benchmarks to make it look like a good competitor but when that benchmark gets updated, MTK looks as cheap as it really is. X10 was benching around SD808 last year, now the updated Antutu shows it 20k down as it really is. X20 was supposed to come long ago but now everyone is going with 650 series.

MTK is done in the mid-range. realjjj lovely trolling now eat this http://images.

png Karly Johnston Lovely trolling now eat this: https://uploads.disquscdn.

com/images/5e4e05ce45cd4980e98deb1616675457db4483b6f2ff7cdfe74b66e61f3d4cb8.jpg realjjj @ Karly Johnston You said everything about yourself by using Antutu.

You are a big fat clueless noob, You need at least 5 more years to qualify for this conversation. See you then. Radier Hahaha owned xD Aeonia It is true..The MT6797 (Helio X20) manages 95.2 gflops While the Snapdragon 800 manages 129.6 gflops.

Now Gflops are raw values computed from actual hardware not benchmarks Go here to see more http://kyokojap.myweb. or arstechnica.

com/gadgets/2015/08/snapdragon-820-is-official-a-look-at-its-gpu-and-how-much-the-chip-matters/ realjjj The X20 is up 2x faster than the SD800 and ofc supports a lot more features and newer standards. But you seem to be here just to bash Mediatek and have no interest in facts or reason.

Aeonia Am critical of MediaTek’s decision to continually use poor GPU’s on their flagships. The rest of their CPU is very impressive but I am a gamer realjjj there is a cost, the GPU is big (die area wise) and you have a thermal limitation so to gain perf you need to go with a much larger GPU and clock it lower while gaining little.

But you can’t waste mm2 on that in midrange or lower high end since you need to be competitive in the market place. In the very high end you can do it to get top spot and sell you SoC at 50-60$. Even then you compete with Samsung or Qualcomm and they clock their GPUs way too high and can’t sustain those speeds.

So if you do a honest SoC you end up behind in those benchmarks even if you beat them in sustained gaming. Look at Huawei with T880MP4 at 900MHz they almost match the Galaxy S6 in sustained perf. Samsung has T760MP8 at 700MHz but the clocks drop to half after 15mins of load while Huawei throttles very very little.

Huawei should have went with MP6 i think and MT in the X30 better go MP6 or even MO*m we’ll see.but the X20 is not really aimed at very high end, it’s a bit bellow that. Aeonia MediaTek should have clocked the Helio x20’s 700Mhz to 900Mhz matching the Kirin 950. Then we would have had a really good gpu in possibly one of the best CPU’s this year realjjj Kirin 950 is on 16ff , X20 is on 20nm so Kirin has a big power advantage and if Meditaek would clock the GPU that high it simply could not sustain those speeds and would throttle. You would only gain a few minutes of higher speeds and after that it would have to throttle down to sustainable clocks.

But that’s not cool, to deceive the consumer like that. They could do it right and offer boost clocks. Advertise it at 700Mhz with boost to 800MHz, making it clear that the boost clock is just short term. Kinda like Nvidia in PC GPU. MTK will have the x30 on 16ff this year and we’ll see what that one has to offer.

The x20 is somewhere between SD652 and SD820 and the X30 should try to go after SD820. Spreadtrum will have something on 16ff this year too, could be interesting.

Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Adreno 510 is better when we’re talking for the gpu, but the cpu in Helio X20 can easily smash the SD650. Guaire Not soon, but second half of the year might be. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz This is this right, but we’re talking generally here. ? Muhammad Yasir also SD card slot -_- So the crazy year ahead starts.

The first shot was yesterday with the Lenovo k3 with 1080p at 106$. This is the second shot with better than LG G4 or Nexus 5x SoC at 152$. Now lets see who else has SD650 and SD652 (TCL has 1 http://browser.primatelabs.

com/geekbench3/compare/4893117?baseline=4812988) , who brings 1440p at 200$ and who makes the first phone with Helio X20 at a good price.

And maybe someone does 4k screen at a reasonable price but that doesn’t seem likely. The one clear thing is, 8xA53 this year is for devices at 120$ or less and 1080p is lower mid-range.

Benchmarks do say so, and it’s quite reasonable after all (both are big.little exacore, but the 2 big cores are a57 on 808 and a72 on 650, and a72 cores are much powerful than a57… If you add the newer architecture and a slightly better gpu, overall sd650 will probably be better than 808 both on benchmarks and in real life usage) Aeonia do you have a link to any benchmarks? I really want to see how the adreno 510 fairs…

MattD http://browser.primatelabs.

com/geekbench3/compare/4895966?baseline=4812988 However we should wait for benchmarks on the final note 3 pro (as you can see, those bench are from “xiaomi kenzo”, note 3 pro’s prototype) realjjj Quick note, the actual name (in China ) is just Note 3 Entire Network.

Hard to say who come up with the Pro and if they might name it that way in India and elsewhere. MattD Got it… However, sooner or later someone will come up with real bench of the final phone with a stable rom, it’s just a matter of time, the name doesn’t change much realjjj figured you’ll search for the Pro name and waste your time. in geekbench that’s the score for A72 at 1.8GHz, we don’t really need more. GPU perf is a bit of an unknown though.

There are benchmarks for SD652 (in the Galaxy A9) but can’t remember seeing SD650 yet. MesTaRas This is in a 28nm process if I’m not mistaken MaxPower Apparently they named it that way as you can see from the link. Maybe it’s the name for customers outside China realjjj a TCL with the SD652, remains to be seen if the GPU in SD650 is crippled a bit vs 652

jsp?benchmark=gfxgen did1=28460902 os1=Android api1=gl hwtype1=GPU hwname1=Qualcomm+Adreno+%28TM%29+510 D2=LG+G4+%28F500x%2C+H81x%2C+xS991%2C+VS986%2C+V32%29 Dis Might it even be better than the 810? Especially the earliest ones that clocked down for temperature reasons. Link me to the benchmarks of 808 vs 650 please.


jumpfrom=weibocom Here the antutu’s weibo page, there are comparison graphics about mt6795 vs sd808 vs sd650 Lazar Prodanovic That part leave to a S652… Quad cluster against quad cluster. Aeonia It is better..

(2x ARM® Cortex™ A57, 4x ARM® Cortex™ A53) – 808 (2x A72, 4x A53) – 650 Mr.Flying Zoom3rz If it’s better than 808 for real than the Redmi Note 3 Pro would be a steal at that price! I like it. Lazar Prodanovic Better: IPS, DSP, faster more efficient big cluster, new gpu… Dis hmm I will be interested to see benchmarks and speed tests Faisal Shaharyar guys the speed of SD808 on A57 is 2 GHZ but on SD650 its 1.8 so most probably it will be 20-30% slower than SD808.

but it will be energy efficient. I am not sure about the heat issue realjjj stop spreading nonsense.

A72 at 1.8GHz is faster than A57 at 2GHz but the 808 has A57 at 1.8GHz and it throttles hard. http://browser.primatelabs.

com/geekbench3/compare/4907461?baseline=4905635 On the GPU side it should be some 10% slower in something like GFXBench but little info for now. Faisal Shaharyar you need to understand SD will not cannibalize their own product so they will make SD650 perform inferior to SD808.

realjjj Right so facts don’t matter to you even when you have access to them. SD808 is broken, has always been so and now it’s done for.They’ll provide it to existing models and that’s that. SD650 is better and cheaper nobody sane will use it in new models. It’s a new cycle, 810/808 are hitting EOL and SD820, DS652/650 are addressing the high end and upper mid range.

So just stop inventing numbers out of thin air when there are actual numbers out there. Lazar Prodanovic Real usage performance will be good that caunts the most. Dis That’s what I mean by speed tests quodvadis Still a worthless piece of metal without microSD slot. Enjoy your 12/28GB phone people hahaha!

Bob Loblaw stupid comment, as if 28gb isn’t more than enough for most. quodvadis If it’s enough for them, then they don’t have any need to upgrade. Their old phone will be more than perfectly capable to handle any workload they will do. Sheep will be sheep though.

Although judging from the market condition, even sheep has its limit it seems. MattD You’re being too harsh: I can understand your disappointment, I’m one of those who likes to have sd and perhaps removable battery, but you just can’t call people “sheep” just because they don’t need more than 32 or even 16gb of space (or else they’re prepared to a compromise and use otg in order to have a powerful device at such price) quodvadis When they keep buying even though their old phones can perfectly accommodate them just because it’s new and shiny.

What else can they be called? Oh yeah, I guess they can be ‘uninformed buyers’.

Chico Migraña New and shiny means more faster and better GPU in this case, so, i don’t see the point. I rather like a snapdragon phone than any MTK so, it’s not only “new and shiny” MattD I can’t really understand: who’s said that they’re going to change their phone just because?!

If they want to, they will (even if they don’t need to), otherwise they’ll stick with their old phone… Really, you’re coming out of nowhere with those statements and pretending it’s a rule written in stone because you said so Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Agree.

Most of the users need only FB, WhatsApp, YouTube and Viber anyway. ? Mr.Flying Zoom3rz It’s not al least for me. Now using 16GB+64GB and running out of storage.

MaxPower What phone do you own? Mr.Flying Zoom3rz K3 Note. ? I have the bad behavior to store A LOT of apps and games apk files also many photos lol. If I have to buy a phone without sd card slot it must be a 64gb at least. MaxPower I understand.

The point is that everyone has their own priorities. Someone might need more storage options like you, someone a better camera, someone other features like fingerprint scanner or fast charging…

I can deal without a SD card slot but I can’t give up a snappy camera or fast charging for example. Balaji Chandrasekaran 28 gb is enough ( also it’s HIGH speed R/W than ur avg SD CARD hahaha quodvadis Sure is. Good for you. Meanwhile I can enjoy 28GB of high speed AND practically unlimited and loss-proof storage with other phone.

Jason45 I am curious about the camera manufacturer and the sensor size of the 16MP camera, not much info given by Xiaomi. I guess we will have to wait for techsites to teardown the Note 3 Pro. realjjj the only difference they mention besides the pixels is f / 2.0 aperture willysson Me too, although I’ll note the OV, Samsung and Sony 16MP sensors are all BIGGER than 1/3″. Jason45 yup, it would be really nice if there is a bigger sensor size inside the note 3 pro, but it could also be a new Chinese 16MP camera sensor.

Xiaomi has used a Chinese camera sensor before in one of their budget smartphones. tauerman I hope this version brings more custom roms than the mediatek version.

I am glad I held off buying a X10 version and looking forward to getting this SD650 version. Xali The soc has little to do with the custom ROMs for the Note 3, its the locked bootloader the one stopping custom ROMs, but it will be impossible to install a custom ROM on the Snapdragon version while you can use SP Flash Tools to skip the bootloader and flash customs ROMs on the MediaTek version, so you’re looking in the wrong direction if you want custom ROMs. tauerman But the bootloader can be unlocked already.

Xalis Unless they removed the 10+ days wait, it doesn’t count, requested my SMS to unlock mine and as been like 3 weeks and nothing, so I went with the SP Flash Tool metod to install customs ROMs. Faisal Shaharyar SD650 is going to be in Helio P10 range on the level of performance. Karly Johnston SD650 has A72 cores, P10 still runs on A53. Faisal Shaharyar it will be +20% faster than Helio P10, but i am talking about Price vs Performance ratio which is going to dedicate this market segment and btw the GPU is going to be it will use malit860 with 2clusters performs 5% better than adreno 330. which is good because 860 is only using 2 clusters which is half. Karly Johnston The P10 is just a repackaged X10. The 650 is even higher than an SD808 on most of the benchmarks and Xiaomi just put it in a $150 phone.

It is more like 40% faster at the same price. Unless MTK releases X20, and I mean soon… they will lose to QC 650 series.

Aeonia I think we can all agree that with mid-range soc’s this powerful and at that price, is going to be a good year Mr.Flying Zoom3rz 100%! It will be a very exciting year. I’m just sad that I’ll have to sell my K3 Note just a 5-6 months after I bought it, because better phones at a similar price appear. Muhammad Yasir k3 note is still v.powerful!

Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Yes, I love it. ? Also it will get Android 6 update soon. Redmi Note 3 seems a great deal too. For now I’ll keep my K3 Note, let’s see what’s around the corner. I really want my next phone to be with a Helio X20 cpu. Muhammad Yasir just avoid the zopo hero 8 and you’ll be fine :p if you have cash , wait for SD 820 phones to be reviewed as well , heard they’ll be the best bang for the buck if they ca keep heating in check Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Sadly SD820 phones will be too expensive to me. :/ But I think I can afford Helio X20, will see. Faisal Shaharyar HelioX20 will be around 20% faster than SD810.

mediatek is still not competing with SD but they are just making sure that they can upset the Sd’s market. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Yes, I found that mtk is providing pretty good speed for the money.

Sure it can’t beat SD, but the price/performance ratio is great. They’re mainly loosing in the graphics area. realjjj x20 vs SD650 http://browser.

baseline=4905635 40% higher clocks for the big cores and an extra 10% gain from using a newer revision of the core. Muhammad Yasir sooo. … nothing from MTK to go up against SD 820 :/ ? Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Not for now it seems…. Man that 130000 Antutu of SD820!

wow Muhammad Yasir wow … that’ll make MTK think over and over about the x30 design ! Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Yup, as I said in a another post X20 can easly smash SD650 when it comes to a pure cpu raw power.

The Adreno 510 is the key that rises the overall benchmark score of SD650. Faisal Shaharyar but things will change with X20 they will use mali t880, which will be used with exynos 7xxx on samsung note 6. i hope they use 80% of Shaders, because they use only 50% see with mali t760 Muhammad Yasir and on the budget front (i hope) they’ll be using the P10 which will be using T860 ! hope that helps MTK’s cause !

bojan radovanovic Especially when other producers, who actually give some guarantee to their products, make alternatives to this. MaxPower Which brand gives warranty? And in which country do you live? bojan radovanovic Norge, all brands that are available here. Of course, they can’t come here because thay can’t afford to give guarantee to all customers, and pay all royalties to owners of patients they use without permission.

Muhammad Yasir SD card ? PLEASE ! Chandler Bing Unfortunately no sd card…. Another wasted chance, I thought it was gonna be my next phone, but I’ll have to wait, again….

just like you. Muhammad Yasir the feeling is mutual KingPopZ No it does have a hybrid sim/SD card slot. Chris Turner It’s conflicting, the website does say that but gsmarena says not as do others. Levi Smith I have a feeling we will have to stop hoping for a dedicated SD card. The ones without have superior hardware and/or build and the ones with SD card we will have to compromise – like MT6753, which I don’t want. Guess hybrid will have to do. Alas! Muhammad Yasir whyyyyyy!

KingPopZ Your wish has been granted. It has an hybrid slot. Scroll to the end of the page and see for yourself.

Muhammad Yasir i dont see it ? unless its written in mandarin ? KingPopZ 1.0 times the entire network is very troublesome, the use of dual cards to distinguish between “Card 1, Card 2”, but also distinguish between “master card, Vice card.” Full Netcom 2.0 [5] can be more casual with a SIM card, Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom card with the use of any slot can select a 4G network.

Option 3 also supports 2 SIM card slot, you can put two phone cards can also be give a free SIM card slot Micro SD memory card expansion. There are new VoLTE voice capabilities to support video calls and voice calls 4G HD, bringing clearer call experience.

Translated using Google translate. Muhammad Yasir thanks ? this is now a formidable candidate for my first ever smartphone.

lets see how much the resellers inflate the retail. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz mandarin lol xoxo ^^ Muhammad Yasir its chinese language , no ? Mr.Flying Zoom3rz ehh, actually I don’t have a idea my friend.

^^ Levi Smith Yo dude! Came across this video today and immediately thought about this discussion:

v=88fLa2DBxSk. It’s in Chinese of course, but some of the text is in English, so we can understand most, if not all of it. This is the confirmation, if you still needed one. The important bit is at 2:15. ? Muhammad Yasir A HYBRID SLOT IN A XIAOMI NOTE 3 PRO ! this is news for everyone !

now just waiting for the price to go down somehow …. oh boyyyy …

or maybe flash sales… yes , i’ll take flash sales , such is the amount of exhilaration!

Thanks Levi ! Levi Smith Haha! No need for thanks brother! If you are a single sim user, then this would definitely be THE phone to get. Even the camera sensor is good – Samsung Isocell S5K3P3 which IIRC is the new 1 micron one. Oh, I can hardly wait!! Muhammad Yasir im most certainly a single sim user ! kindly add to my knowledge on the camera sensor …

whats the ‘new 1 micron one’ ? Levi Smith I’m not much knowledgeable on the subject of camera sensors, but I remember reading about this one last year. It’s smaller in size and the ISOCELL is Samsung’s tech leading to lesser noise and more accurate colors. Just google S5K3P3 and you should be able to read more. Muhammad Yasir great stuff …

thanks ! Creazydea sd card slot, up to 128gb Muhammad Yasir yay Papa Waklu Wish the difference in 3 GB version is not more than 150 yuan realjjj 3/32GB is 1199CNY(182$) Mr.Flying Zoom3rz I’d say it’s more than a reasonable price!

It’s even cheaper than the regular Redmi Note 3 lol RobertM Does this Snapdraon Version of the note 3 support all necessary LTE Bands for Europe/USA? I remember that was always a Problem with the Mediatek SoCs… MaxPower The bands are listed in the specs she they are the same of the Mediatek version. When we talk about Chinese phones the rule is that you won’t get US bands, and you won’t get EU bands besides the classic B1/B3/B7. This has nothing to do with the SoC, most of Chinese brands don’t have a presence in UE/US so you won’t see different LTE bands.

tauerman It is missing LTE Band 20 (800Mhz) as usual. bojan radovanovic Nice look, but it has bad SoC, fake battery capacity and last, but not least it’s Xiaomi, which means NO AFTER SALE SUPORT.

After all my experience with them, i would rather go with real, normal brand name flagship, or cheep Chinese alternative. Just nate this Wonna be Brand Muhammad Yasir are u for real mate ? Chris Turner Doogees are a pile of cheap crap, mines fallen to bits (the f5) and screen spots are occurring (like the elephone p7000 bendgate saga ,which I also bought!

) , my mates also got the y100 pro which is doing same, never again! Muhammad Yasir i knw… Chris Turner You got any idea what your getting yet? I’m on third phone in 6 months!

Muhammad Yasir well … i have my eyes glued to the Redmi note 3 pro . altho im pro-mtk , i would love to give the SD 650 a test drive and that 16 mp cam has me drooling all over ! its got everything i want in a phone , esp the fingerprint scanner and the SD card slot (im not a dual sim user :p ) collecting quid could take time , tho … which means i’ll probably be looking at more options and maybe a fall in the note 3 pro’s retail. Maybe good things REALLY do come to those who wait ? P.S : 3rd phone in 6 months is over doing it tho … ever think about collecting serious quid and go for a true flagship grade meizu , One plus or xiaomi rather than 2nd tier bands ?

Chris Turner Yeh well I’ve had two supposed flag ship phones both turned out to be lemons. Xiaomi would be nice but I just couldn’t be bothered to wait two to three weeks.

Any particular reason pro mtk? I’ve found them to be quite weak on GPS front, obviously they are cheaper, but now on a snapdragon phone, it just seems better overall. Muhammad Yasir well MTK do offer diversity in price …

thats the same role which AMD/ATI plays in the GPU market for Computers. that being said , im not against Qualcomm , but they need to be in phones with friendlier prices.

heard the GPS antics were cleared out by the latest batch of MTK chips … esp mtk 6732 and mtk 6752 both had above decent gps Chris Turner It’s still not great, I’ve had both 6752 and 6753, and without rooting they are poor. Agree, top end Qualcomm’s should be more competitive, maybe they will have to be with the new mtks being released.

Muhammad Yasir i have never thought about rooting a phone or learned to do so … even tho people around have done it quite alot. doesnt rooting void product warranty ? also , how does rooting enhance the MTK run phones ?

Chris Turner It can void it but generally phone makers like elephone don’t mind and its relatively easy to do on mediatek phones if bootloader is unlocked. Plus you get the option of different OS’s like miui or cyanogenmod .

Rooting allows you to tweak it too, on the GPS front it means you can download the latest EPO’s which makes it more accurate. Downside is rooting can prevent some (not a lot) apps to work like online banking.

bojan radovanovic I am. Muhammad Yasir k den Levi Smith I think you are confusing Xiaomi with Doogee. bojan radovanovic I wish. Young Did u out forget the phone brand you used? Pathetic.

mr201 Shut up, doogee caveman. NightFelix u must be lost here Xali Trolls don’t even put effort on their post anymore.

bojan radovanovic But payed “fans” seems to do. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz hello Mr. Troll. ? bojan radovanovic Hello to you to. I hope you DID NOT, like myself, fool to buy (3.rd) Xiaomi’s phone.

MI3 and Redmi 1s, except battery life and some MIUI problems, was pretty much OK devices. But who ever bought Mi4i, knows how much Xiaomi f**ked up. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz And while Xiaomi is rocking out with capable devices at good prices, Lenovo totally disappointed with their “Killer Note” this year…May be they’re too focused on their upcoming Exonys phone or releasing the Marshmallow update?

That’s not an excuse either. lol So, it has: Beefy SoC (SD650 is better than SD808 and WAY better than the Helio X10) Micro SD slot 16MP camera and it will cost just $15 more? amazing for a $220(reseller price) I will get this to say good bye to my Zenfone 2. Antonio Rossi u sure it has micro sd slot? I’m looking for photos to confirm that Levi Smith The chinese website says (according to google translate) that second sim slot is a hybrid one, so you could use 1 sim + 1 micro sd card. Antonio Rossi can’t find it in the official xiaomi website (mainland china), exactly where did u read this? Levi Smith Credit to KingPopZ for the info. I don’t understand Chinese, but if you do a google translate for the above page, you can see it written at the bottom of the page, just above the buying links.

“Option 3 also supports 2 SIM card slot, you can put two phone cards can also be give a free SIM card slot Micro SD memory card expansion.” Antonio Rossi ty very much, the /pro page isn’t present in the top bar yet, this is why when I navigated through the page I couldn’t find it… Would like to know how did that guy discover it… this is great news btw, redmi note 3 was not good for me because the internal memory was not enough, but this new model would be absolutely perfect for my needs.

Levi Smith Yes, being able to use a micro SD card makes all the difference. 16 GB was good enough once upon a time, but not in this time and age. Antonio Rossi yeah I ordered a redmi note 2 for the same reason (XD), less than 2 weeks ago LOL… but I’m not entirely angry that this new model came out, I knew it would just I didn’t fathom redmi 3 and note 3 pro would have gone back to supporting the microSD (since note 3 didn’t)… I think I will get by for a couple of months with the redmi note 2 and when the price drops (the first 2 months resellers usually are charging too much due to hype) I will probably replace it with a redmi note 3 pro (my nephew will probably get the redmi note 2, the same way he’s going to get my redmi 1S once I receive the redmi note 2). Faisal Shaharyar i am not sure it this will perform better than SD808.

SD808 will be atleast 30% better than SD650. its more like a downgraded version of SD808.

Karly Johnston The gpu is worse than 808 by a mile. The cpu is on the level. Roberto Tomás maybe not as much as you think, isn’t the 808 using a 400-series adreno gpu instead of 500 series?

The Snapdragon 650 in the Redmi Note 3 Pro scores just shy of 77k in Antutu 6 (v.6.0.2) and scores 18.6k in the 3D part. (src: ) The Nexus 6P has a good performing 810 and scores about 85k in Antutu 6 (v.6.0), with a 3d score of 28.4k. This is the current top-of-the-line from Qualcomm is definitely faster, but different from the 808. It is actually slower than the SD650 in the CPU and RAM tests.


jpg ) The Xiaomi Mi-4C uses the SD808 and scores about 71k in Antutu 6 (v.6.0), with a 3D score of 17.3k — slightly slower than the Redmi Note 3 Pro. (src: twitter {dot} com {slash} Yves_ZhangQ {slash} status {slash} 680408567958999040 ) Karly Johnston Wow, why would QC release budget 650/652 series on the same level as last years 808/810 flagships?

They usually put weak gpu to set them apart. SnowyCat Because the flagship soc scores 135k this year. Marco Lancaster They passed the whole 2015 behind Mediatek in mid-range class, cause their old underpowered-for-the-price policy of mid-range Socs, MT6752 kicked 615 ass. They seems to be changing…

Well, good for us! Karly Johnston QC really screwed up with the 615. It was great on battery but performed like it was always in power savings mode, and overheated like really old MTKs you would never dream of buying. I have it in an Idol 3, if Idol 4 has 650/652 it would be the perfect mid-ranger.

Currently using Mi4c with 808 which was the best processor QC made last year. Roberto Tomás Beefy SoC (SD650 is better than SD808 and WAY better than the Helio X10) depends on how you look at it. The cpu scores will be little different — faster in single core tasks. The GPU is waay better, as is the ram. otherwise it’s pretty close really (and the ram score is always pretty small).

Antutu v6 makes it look like the sd 650 is ~50% faster than the Helio X10, but Antutu 5.7 probably would not be so kind to the 650, and a lot of people are put off by Antutu making the gpu count for more than the cpu, and adding a UX score on top of it (kinda counting the gpu twice). — anyway, despite all that .. I want it. if I don’t see anything better looking after MWC I might well get one this year. It is cheap and a solid performer.

Helio X10s dont support the 4G bands here in the USA: seems like this is made for someone like me. wurstt cries for faster LTE version…. uses 3G contract Xalis At this point I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, because this is the norm, people will not buy a phone with no LTE, but they either have no LTE plan, or just mobile data for whatsapp and facebook exclusively.

Karly Johnston Why is HSPA+ such an unacceptable option? I get a better signal and similar DL speeds on T-Mobile 3G vs LTE. It is not like 24mbps is unusable.

Chandler Bing Talked to a guy who knows Chinese, it’s confirmed that the site says it has a hybrid secondo slot sim/sd. Hurray! Mr.Flying Zoom3rz Yay, that’s a great news friend!!

wurstt can anyone else confirm this? such an feature and no advertising? Levi Smith Credit to KingPopZ for the info. If you do a google translate for the above page, you can see it written at the bottom of the page, just above the buying links.

“Option 3 also supports 2 SIM card slot, you can put two phone cards can also be give a free SIM card slot Micro SD memory card expansion.” Chandler Bing I think we’ll have to wait the first reviews to be completely sure. NFC? LTE B20 (800MHz) ?

Jason45 No band 20 zazoupazou I can’t guarantee it and the published specs I’ve seen say it doesn’t but I think it might support band20. I’m in UK and when I go to manual network set up I can see O2 and Three 4G nets which I’m sure are on 800mhz only officially TREE is both 800 1800 MHz https://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks_in_Europe zazoupazou But not O2 Arnst Can someone tell me what the difference between Double Netcom and Full Netcom is? I have a friend in China that can purchase this for me but when I check on the Xiaomi site, I have to pick one from those two options? I’d need Band 7 2600 support.

realjjj double is the MTK based device while the full netcom is the Pro.with SD650. Arnst Thanks for the detailed reply, learned something new today.

realjjj They had a sale today for the Redmi 3 and both versions of the Redmi Note 3 but all sold out fast. You can find out when they have the next sale by monitoring Redmi’s Weibo account through Google Translate And just for the sake of it, some newer MTK chips do have CDMA2000 ,including the new ones about to arrive.

Muhammad Yasir whats the deal with CDMA ? is it the 3g network ?