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So, I habe 4G ready sim card, I bought new goodybag, have been waiting for 9 days now, my phone works at 800MHz (check UMI Super specs), I set up the APN as I should (I triple checked), I have great 4G coverage (post code BS1 6BY)… but still my phone is showing 3G. I checked my sim in S7 edge phone and it worked just fine. Whats the problem?? This question has a Best Answer. Go to Best Answer by: ed3925 on: 21/06/2016 | 20:44 – edited: 21/06/2016 | 20:47 Best Answer It does sound like a software problem.

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Certain Chinese phones do have buggy software. Go to the Google Play Store.

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Download the free app ‘Network’ by Phillip Mangelow. I do not know whether this app is compatible with your phone, but try it, it works on my HTC and my Samsung….

Opinions and reviews umi diamond x quad core specs

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The app allows you to select any network mode supported by your device. Select one of the following: GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto LTE/GSM auto PRL Message 4 of 12 by: zbysogi on: 21/06/2016 | 20:16 – edited: 23/06/2016 | 12:26 Ok, since I bought 2 phones of the same model I put the card into the other one and it worked.

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So basically something is wrong with the frist phone. The question is… what? Can anyone tell me how does LTE works that it actually works at 2600MHz cause I checked with LYCA but doesnt with 800MHz?

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isnt the same device inside the phone responsible for the frequencies LTE works at?? i dont get it:/ do I have to return the phone? SCRATCH THAT I just remembered something and realized same thing happened with my phone.

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When I put in the SIM card for the first time it DID automatically go to 4G, ok, when I looked for available networks it found O2 4G, granted BUT!!! when i got to “preferred network type” there is only 3G to pick, and THE MOMENT I PICK IT its not possible to go back. Every network I find from that moment is only 2G or 3G. Now i reckon that’s a software problem right? Message 3 of 12