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Pick up your phone, yes that one. The one that’s never more than an arm’s reach from you at all times. The one that has probably been in the bathroom with you more times than the toilet roll has. Yes, that one.How does your smartphone feel? And no, I don’t mean this in a metaphorical out-of-body-experience sense, I mean this in a literal sense. We spend every waking moment (some sleeping) of our lives holding onto a little brick that probably weighs no more than a really heavy spoon at a posh restaurant, but most of us put little to no thought into how a device feels in the hand when deciding on a purchase.

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Portable rus ulefone armor smartphone backgrounds

It’s all about specs and that’s rather unfortunate.We’ve all seen the bend tests, the hammer tests, and the fire tests carried out by prolific YouTubers on the latest and greatest the smartphone world has to offer.

Portable rus ulefone armor smartphone backgrounds

Now, we get to see the life-saving test as Frenchman Sylvestre’s life is saved when a piece of shrapnel from from a blast that happened only metres away was blocked by his Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.The original HTC One M7 is two years old now but it is still getting a taste of Lollipop. Weighing 765MB in size, it is recommended to download this via fixed WiFi. The biggest change of course is having the latest Android 5.0.2 Lollipop with a refreshed Sense UI interface.

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Earlier on, it was seen that this could be the very last update for One M7. Many users had complained that this would deprive them of the critical bug updates and fixes that would come with the updated Android 5.1 version. A HTC product VP has responded that most of the fixes have been addressed with the current Android 5.0 update but there’s a slight glimmer of hope that they could release Android 5.1 for the device.

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It is the end of the road for the HTC One M7 as it will not receive further updates for the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop. The latest software version for the original One would be the initial Android 5.0 update which is being rolled out right now.The HTC One M7 has been around for about 2 years and it has gone through several stages of updates from its default Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Considering Android 5.0 is an early Lollipop release, fans weren’t too happy that HTC is leaving them in a lurch with initial bugs and rough edges that would be addressed in the incremental Android 5.1 update.

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The only chance to get Android 5.1 officially would be the HTC One M7 Google Play Edition which is targeted for April. If your HTC One M7 is on Android 4.4.3 with no problems, you might want to reconsider downloadig the next software update that comes in. Hopefully HTC would reconsider continuing its updates to at least Android 5.1Everyone is trying to push the latest Lollipop update onto their current flagship device.

If you’re using the HTC One M8 or last year’s One M7, HTC is expected to roll out its new Android 5.0 update as early as 3rd January 2015. For us folks in Malaysia, might need to wait a little longer but it should happen within a weeks after its official release.From the screenshot above, the Lollipop update is likely to maintain the current Sense 6.0 UI but it gets a touch of material design.

Earlier on, a purported screenshot of a newer Sense 7.0 with Android 5.0 had surfaced and it still retains the same 3 navigation icon design at the bottom.Overall, HTC appears to be on track in delivering its 90 day update promise upon release of newer Android versions.

Other models expected to be updated within Q1 2015 also include HTC One (E8), HTC One (E8) Dual SIM and HTC Butterfly 2.If you’re using the HTC One M7, the latest Android 4.4.3 KitKat is rolling out now via OTA (Over the Air) update. The upgrade for last year’s flagship is quite quick considering its current One M8 was just updated several weeks ago.With the file size of 605MB, it is advisable to download this using WiFi. If you haven’t gotten any notification yet, you can try checking manually under Settings About Software.

Apart of having the latest Android 4.4.3 with security fixes, the new software update with the version number 6.13.707.1 also updates the Camera, Gallery and HTC Sync Manager.As promised by HTC, they are now pushing its latest HTC Sense 6.0 update on last year’s HTC One M7. While it runs on the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the new Sense 6.0 brings a couple of new features that were introduced on their current HTC One M8 flagship smart phone.

Apart from having a newer BlinkFeed interface, the latest Sense also brings Extreme Power Saving mode and a new UI for its camera and photo gallery. The Music and Sense TV app has been redesigned as well. If you haven’t received it yet, you can check the updates manually at Settings About Software Updates.

So if you’re in the market for a high-end smart phone and you don’t want to fork out more than RM2,000 for the latest, we’ve compared last year’s flagships such as the Nexus 5, LG G2, HTC One, Xperia Z1, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 against the Xiaomi Mi 3. Processor wise, the Mi 3 is on par or better than the rest as it uses a newer Snapdragon 800 MSM8274AB processor with 2GB RAM. In terms of display, the Mi 3 is on par with a 5.0″ Full HD display which pushes a high 440ppi (pixels per inch) for greater clarity.In terms of dimensions, the Mi 3 is just 8.1mm thick which is the second thinnest here and it only loses to the Galaxy S4 (7.9mm). This is impressive considering it packs a large 3,050mAh battery which is 2nd largest battery capacity on the list. The only downside is the lack of microSD slot which is similar to the HTC One, Nexus 5 and LG G2.Pricing plays a big deciding factor in this comparison.

While these flagship models featured here are about 6 months to 1 year old, the prices are still hovering around RM1,300-RM1,900 range. That’s still a far cry from the RM889 retail price the Mi 3 is carrying.

So looks like the winner is pretty clear here. If you want to secure a unit, 20th May is the day that you need to log on to mi.com/my to place your order. The exact time hasn’t been revealed yet so be sure to check their Facebook page for updates.