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Product Information Product Information A solidly built smartphone with clean lines, the BlackBerry Z10 mobile phone for the Verizon LTE network has a generous 4.2-inch display. The Z10 has a 1280×768 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 356 ppi, making surfing and viewing photos a pleasant experience. The rear-facing 8MP camera takes one shot per second.

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If you switch to burst mode, you get two or three shots per second while holding your finger down. The Z10’s resulting shots are bright, crisp, and colorful, displaying satisfactory contrast. In good lighting, focus the camera about six inches away from receipts or other paperwork for a crystal-clear image to keep as a file copy. Use the Time Shift mode to capture the perfect shot with a video taken immediately before and after the photo.

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The Story Time feature in this device allows you to connect images together and sync them to music for sharing with others. The hub of the Z10 is the heart of the Verizon phone where users spend the most time keeping up with everything it has to offer.

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The BlackBerry hub allows users to access any app’s conversations. Whether the message is from social media or from an e-mail, quickly and easily locate them using the Verizon BlackBerry Z10 device.

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Look at other apps without exiting the one you’re using, and preview messages as well. This is all done with swipes, keeping the activity comfortable and simple. Download books, games, videos, magazines, and music onto your Verizon Wireless Z10 from the BlackBerry World store.

Public release ulefone armor smartphone 7 vodafon

Browse and listen to snippets of songs and purchase your favorite movies and television shows. The BlackBerry World store memorizes your preferences and provide recommendations for you to try. Share your apps and files from the BlackBerry using Screen Share with BBM Video.

This feature allows users to collaborate with others for increased multitasking and productivity.The black Verizon BlackBerry Z10 is powered by the BlackBerry 10 platform.

The keyboard makes typing intuitive and straightforward with technology that memorizes your writing style. The keyboard suggests words to improve speed and spelling accuracy while reducing your effort.

When the keyboard isn’t accessible, use Voice Control. Send a BBM message, open apps, or make calls simply by talking.

The app memorizes your speech, so you can speak naturally. Headsets with microphones are among the accessories available for this unit, so you use your voice to write a document or to create emails.

The BlackBerry Remember feature keeps your busy life organized by tracking and combining your memos, task lists, and reminders. It stores websites, photos, and documents, and allows you to create a schedule or monitor your progress on a task. Sync the Remember app to Microsoft Outlook for even more coordination capabilities using available accessories for connecting to your PC. Even with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, this smart and powerful device for the Verizon Wireless LTE network comes in a small package.

With dimensions of 2.58 inches by 5.12 inches by 0.35 inches, the smartphone easily fits in a bag or pocket. Weighing only 4.78 ounces, the BlackBerry Z10 does not weigh you down or feel excessively heavy.

The rechargeable lithium battery has a rating of up to 10 hours of talk time on a full charge. In standby mode, the phone holds the charge for up to 312 hours, allowing for minimum downtime.

When ready to charge, simply plug the device in with a standard micro-USB cable. The BlackBerry for Verizon is ready to go in under three hours, making this a useful and versatile smartphone option.

Product Identifiers Brand BlackBerry MPN BBSTL100-4-B Network Verizon Model Z10 UPC 802975664559 Type Smartphone Key Features Storage Capacity 16GB Color Black Network Generation 2G,3G,4G Network Technology EDGE,HSPA+ Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) 1x EV-DO Rev A. UMTS 1/8 Style Bar Camera Resolution 8.0MP Connectivity Bluetooth,USB 2.0,WiFi Memory Supported Flash Memory Cards MicroSDHC Battery Battery Type Lithium Ion Battery Capacity 1800 mAh Battery Talk Time Up to 600 min Battery Standby Time Up to 312 hr Display Screen Size 4.2″ Display Resolution 1280 x 768 Color Depth 24-bit (16.7 million colors) Other Features Touch Screen Yes Bluetooth Yes Digital Camera Yes GPS Yes QWERTY Physical Keyboard No Email Access Yes Internet Browser Yes Dimensions Height 5.12 in. Depth 0.35 in. Width 2.58 in. Weight 4.85 oz оставлен lex265 27.10.2015 Good BB Transition phone Z10 is BB’s decent attempt to transition to an iPhone type cellular and does a decent job. Some functions take a while to get thru before the final page where you can do adjust the setting. Проверенная покупка: Да | Состояние товара: Подержанные оставлен oftenoutdoors 04.11.2014 Great choice for those who really use a “smart” phone for a living.

Not sure why stores don’t offer it more. The salespeople do not know any of its features or how to use it. Great phone for those who really use a phone for a living. Ergonomically much better than the iPhone 5S which I also own. Text and typing Email is better, word completion / anticipation is incredible and much more useful than iPhone.

Talk to text is excellent. It operates like a PC so folders can be created and files stored.

Any file types are simply dragged and dropped either way just where you want them. No funky “Itunes”. It has mini USB so simply plug it into a projector or monitor and proceed with the powerpoint presentation you just selected from your business folder.

Hub allows all texts Emails (from multiple accounts) to be viewed on one screen. Video and selfies excellent.

Unless you are into games and obscure apps don’t waste your money on an iPhone. См. весь отзыв оставлен 13haze1 29.01.2016 Longtime Blackberry user, Love my BB Z10. Short learning curve to pick up new traits, but well worth the time taken to update my brain.

Have owned several previous model Blackberry phones, all with true keyboard so this virtual keyboard is new and easier to use due to key sizes, it’s also more difficult to use because it is not tactile. Overall, this is a very nice and secure phone.

I’ll be with Blackberry as long as they exist. Проверенная покупка: Нет оставлен mozaicdirector 29.05.2016 Excellent Value Smart Phone The Z10’s is a good for light daily use. The battery will last all day and more IF you are a light data user which means few heavy draw apps. It has everything you need for Blackberry services.

In a pinch battery IS changeable and the batteries are inexpensive. It’s an elegant little smartphone.

Проверенная покупка: Да | Состояние товара: Подержанные оставлен nl1410el 17.07.2015 Cheap price and overall solid product Overall it does take some getting used to if you’re switching from an Android device.The set up can be a challenge, but there is built in tutorials on the phone.

The apps are limited but they’re are ways of getting most Android apps, but if your looking for a device that is a business work horse this is your device. I’m not a gamer or big on apps. I was able to find my mobile banking app by “sideloading” it and I was in full business.

I will say it’s a durable device, it’s built tough however the battery life is a bit unsatisfying. I do work a 12 hour shift and I do use it fairly heavy (no games just txt, call, emails etc) but I leave with 100% come home with about 30%, which isn’t horrible but isn’t top notch either.

If you want a solid phone that is a business beast Blackberry 10 is your OS См. весь отзыв