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Now that it’s official, it’s time to put the HTC One M8 for Windows up against its fellow Windows Phone-running peers. We started off with a showdown between the One M8 for Windows and Lumia 1520, and are continuing by putting the HTC phone up against what’s probably its single biggest competitor: the Nokia Lumia Icon / 930. Read our HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia Icon / 930 comparison down below to get the scoop about which WP heavyweight you should grab yourself the next time you walk into a Verizon store.It’s quite incredible how similar these two phones are to each other — it’s almost as if HTC and Nokia decided they were going to make phones so similar in specs that we’d have to turn to other means to find out which one’s better.

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Nevertheless, let’s get down to the first difference: the processor. Both run Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-series chips, though the One M8 for Windows gets the speedier 801 while the Lumia Icon / 930 has to settle for an 800. There’s also a clock speed difference involved, though the One M8 for Windows only beats out the other phone by a marginal 0.1 GHz.The next contrasting feature comes in the way of expansion.

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While the HTC phone offers MicroSDXC expansion (up to 128GB, if you were interested), the Nokia offers no means of expanding beyond the 32GB available on-board the phone.If you’ve ever read anything about Nokia’s recent high-end Windows Phones, this next point should come as no surprise to you: the camera is a 20MP sensor on the Lumia Icon / 930, while the One M8 for Windows has an UltraPixel (4MP) unit. There’s no competition here. HTC fights back with the front-facer, which is 5MP on its phone but only 1.2MP on the Nokia.

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The battery is also slightly larger on the One M8 for Windows, at 2600 mAh as opposed to 2420. There’s also no IR blaster on the Lumia Icon / 930.

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