Note 4 versus iphone 6 plus

Note 4 versus iphone 6 plus

1 Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS Apple iPhone 6 Plus full specifications side by side. See the common features and the differences that make them better or worse. Watch video · Phones iPhone 6 Plus specs versus Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3: ‘Phablets’ compared. Apple’s first attempt at a smartphone over 5 inches brings it . Top ⭐ reasons for Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 1. battery power 2. total clock speed 3. pixel density 4. screen size 5. megapixels 6. RAM 7. weight.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Mobile Phones Comparison – Compare Size, Camera, Specs, Features, Price of Apple iPhone 6s Plus with. So, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Two phablets, two operating systems, two bitter rivals. Which is the better big. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs compared to Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Detailed up-do-date specifications shown side by side. Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus. 1 of Galaxy Note 4 (left) iPhone 6 Plus (right). Photo:Gordon Kelly. Both phablets have protruding cameras which which are.

note 4 versus iphone 6 plus

Iphone versus 4 note 6 plus far the specs

Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Mobile Phones Comparison – Compare Size, Camera, Specs, Features, Price of Apple iPhone 6s Plus with. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs compared to Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Detailed up-do-date specifications shown side by side. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Full Comparison! From tips and tricks (tips & tricks), hidden.

note 4 versus iphone 6 plus

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He spends most of his money on getting the latest and greatest gadgets. Uhans Max 2 Review: A large Screen Budget Smartphone with Four. Excited about buying a new phone again with thrilling new features.

Well, the world of Android. August 13, 2017 How To Recover Deleted Data From iPhone: Contacts, Photos, Text messages.

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02.05.2017 – Top ⭐ reasons for Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 1. battery power 2. total clock speed 3. pixel density 4. screen size 5. megapixels 6. RAM 7. weight. Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS Apple iPhone 6 Plus full specifications side by side. See the common features and the differences that make them better or worse. Video embedded · We take a look at the Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus to see which big-screen mobile you should be checking out.

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13.07.2017 – Nowhere else does the rivalry between Apple and Samsung cut as close to the bone as with the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4. Encroaching onto true Samsung territory. Sep 09, · Head-to-head comparison of the inch iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s inch Galaxy Note 4 with a look at hardware, display, software, camera, and more. Despite having a smaller screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is 3 percent longer than the Galaxy Note 4. The iPhone 6 Plus isn’t as thin as its little brother, the iPhone 6.

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20.02.2017 – Oct 28, · While both phones sell for $ on a two year contract this gets you only a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus versus a 32GB Note 4 FORBES. iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy. Watch video · Phones iPhone 6 Plus specs versus Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3: ‘Phablets’ compared. Apple’s first attempt at a smartphone over 5 inches brings it .

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note 4 versus iphone 6 plus

But is it mighty enough to match the iPhone 6S Plus? The iPhone 6S Plus has a slim metal unibody, with slightly curved edges, just like the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s a premium design and a great looking one.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t look quite as high-end, as while it has a metal frame the back is plastic. It has a leather-like look to it, but the texture isn’t really fooling anyone.

Still, while it’s not as good looking or feeling as the iPhone 6S Plus, the Galaxy Note 4 still has a fairly premium design. That might sound good but the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a big and bright 5.

The extra size does make reaching the far corners a little harder, but given the inclusion of an S Pen stylus this is clearly designed as a two-handed device and the stylus opens it up to new modes of interaction, such as handwriting.

That’s a significant upgrade over last year’s already powerful model and should easily be enough to rival or even top the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with its quad-core Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM.

Neither of these phones skimp on the camera, with the iPhone 6S Plus packing a 12MP shooter on the back, complete with optical image stabilisation to counter shaky hands, while there’s a 5MP snapper on the front.

We’ll have to put it through its paces but we were already nightly impressed by the camera on the iPhone 6 Plus and this looks to be an upgrade.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 meanwhile has a 16MP snapper on the back, also with optical image stabilisation, and a 3. The main camera fares brilliantly in well-lit scenes and even holds its own in low-light.

But, there are new phablets on the horizon and, frankly, lugging both of these around every day is getting a little old. So let’s take a final pass at some remaining items between these two, including a look at relative optics between the latest Note and the biggest iPhone.

I’ll give my take on some interface enhancements in the Note 4 that, for me, make it even more productivity-focused than before, and recount a terrible incident involving a crepe and some concrete.

I won’t spend much time here, as our own Aloysius Low already did a very thorough job of comparing the Note 4 camera to that of the iPhone 6 Plus — with the LG G3 mixed in for good measure. I definitely echo his sentiment that it’s a close call between the Note and the iPhone, and the fact that I can say that must necessarily mean that the shooting capabilities of Samsung’s phone have made a huge leap from the Note 3.

And indeed it has. I expressed my frustration in the earlier shootout with the quality of the Note 3’s camera. The Note 4 is a major improvement in every way, but for me the iPhone 6 Plus is still the one I’d reach for when it comes to photography, for a few reasons.

First, and perhaps most crucially, the camera app launches more quickly. It’s only a small difference — the iPhone ready to shoot after about 0.

When you’re trying to get that shot, every fraction counts. Additionally, hopping into the gallery and gliding through photos is snappier on the iPhone, too. Apple’s shooter also does a better job getting the white balance and exposure correct.

That’s not always true, and white balance at least is easy enough to fix in post, but for shots coming out of the camera, Apple’s phone was usually superior. That said, I’ve taken plenty of shots with the Note 4 that I’m plenty pleased with, and where the Note 3 made me want to carry around an iPhone too just because the camera was so poor, now I don’t feel that I’m missing out nearly as much.

Though I still refuse to call it an “S Pen,” I am unashamed in my affinity for the stylus on the Note series. For me, the Note 4 is a very productivity-focused machine, and a vital part of my job is conducting interviews.

With the Note 4, Samsung has bundled an audio capture app that not only is easy to use but has some very impressive noise cancellation abilities. I’ve since conducted interviews in some very busy rooms and the app does a compelling job of drowning out the droning.

While the processing does induce a fair amount of pitch distortion into the voices not quite T-Pain levels , but close , the result is much easier to scan quickly while pulling out quotes.

This was one of the features Samsung trumpeted at the launch of the Note 4, inspiring many yawns among the assembled press at the time. But it legitimately works, and makes my job easier.

Surprisingly, the S Note app has also seen a few significant upgrades. Most interesting to me is the ability to capture and embed images from whiteboards or projectors.

The app auto-adjusts their perspective, so if you’re sitting to one side the resulting image will be square, and will even cut the image apart into elements that you can drag around and resize within the note.

The resulting quality isn’t great, as you can see, but it’s more than good enough for grabbing important details from a PowerPoint and integrating them cleanly into a note. Hopefully this isn’t the kind of thing you need to do on a daily basis, but it’s surprised me by coming in handy a few times already.

Again, niche features that don’t apply to everybody, but these are the sorts of things that really make the Note 4 a productivity standout in my book. I mentioned earlier how I felt that, compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, the Note 4 was probably the more durable of the two.

I got something of an unintentional demonstration of that this week. While standing on the sidewalk, casually grazing on an apple-stuffed crepe held in one hand, I grabbed the Note out of my pocket with the other.

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