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African Blue Books of Statistics, 1821-1953 The Blue Book was a key item of considerable standing in 19th century colonial administration, Colonial Regulations of the time state that: “The Annual Blue Book containing accounts of the Civil Establishment, of the Colonial Revenue and Expenditure and of various statistical particulars etc. must be completed as early as possible after the close of each year. The various returns which it comprises must be filled up with the greatest possible accuracy and the Statistical Tables must be full and complete, blank copies of the book in sheets will be annually transmitted to each Colony from the Colonial Office”. The bare statistical material which the Blue Book provided was somewhat daunting, and the annual report was intended to present in a readable form the gist of the information which the book contained. The directions given in the Colonial Regulations referred to above to colonial governors as to the compilation of the annual report were somewhat terse: “The Governor, in transmitting the ‘Blue Book’ to this Department, must accompany it with a report which should be written on one side of the paper only, exhibiting generally the past and present state of the Colony and its prospects under the several heads specified in the Book…” Not all governors, however, provided reports of the required standard, In 1887 governors were informed that, whereas hitherto it had been the practice to wait until a sufficient number of reports had been received, to form a volume, it was now proposed to publish reports separately as they arrived, but, it was added, “It has been decided only to publish the more interesting and important Reports,..

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because in some cases the Reports contain too little to be worth producing separately”. With the quality of the Annual Reports so variable, the more rigorously standardised Blue Books gain an increased significance through their increased level of, though certainly not absolute, reliability.

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In May, 1904 the Foreign Office decided that something must be done about the annual reports “to put the condition of our Protectorates more clearly before the House and the Public”. The Indian “small Blue Book” was examined as a possible model and rejected as too detailed; in any case it was felt that it would “be preferable for our Protectorates, which must before long be handed over to the Colonial Office, to follow Colonial, rather than Indian, models.

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We have already in working order the annual Blue Book. All we do now is to assimilate our annual reports to the Colonial Report on the Blue Book. The Blue Book remains in manuscript. But the Colonial Office experience is the publication of the report on the Blue Book induces those people who genuinely desire information to go to the Office and consult the manuscript volume which is there open for such inspection.

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It is this system which we thought of introducing as otherwise we find that the information contained in the Blue Book is not made use of to its fullest extent.” The Annual Reports, currently available on microfilm, do assist with the interpretation of the data in the Blue Books; however, data such as income and expenditure can be analysed and comparisons between countries can be made, through use of these books alone.

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This collection is a digital extraction from our existing microfilm series, Government publications relating to African countries prior to independence. Read More View Metadata | Search Collection | Ref No. : 9781851172740 | Holder Of Originals: British Foreign Commonwealth Office The constitutional and administrative uncertainty that characterised the British colonial rule of Basutoland and the fact that the territory did not fall under the jurisdiction of the Colonial Office, meant that…The British authorities at the Cape in the early nineteenth century set about the governance of a collection of disparate and heterogenous people in the colony as if it were a…The first Blue Books for the Gambia commence under the leadership of Commandant Alexander Grant between 1819 and 1823, with a number of items from this period; “A Statement of Exports…

The Blue Books and of the Gold Coast tell us a great deal about the relationship between Great Britain and the territory we now know as Ghana. But they chart only…The first Blue Book to appear for the East Africa Protectorate was that for 1901-1902, and annual volumes were published thereafter up to that for 1915-1916. A gap then occurs until…

The geo-political entity “Nigeria” is a colonial creation whose origins are to be found in the three British proto-colonial economic polities, the Colony of Lagos, which was under the supervision of…The first British administrator appointed to what is now Zambia was the Resident sent by the British South Africa Company in 1897 to the capital of the Lozi kingdom on the…European influence in the area developed after Livingstone reached Lake Malawi in August 1859. He was followed by the initially abortive founding of the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa in the…This series of Blue Books relating to Sierra Leone is a complete set from their commencement to independence. The origins of modern Sierra Leone can be traced to the attempts by…British Online Archives Providing surrogate copies of primary sources for research lies at the heart of Microform Academic Publishers’ long history, applying our considerable expertise to serving the information needs of the world’s library and research communities, maintaining a vibrant programme of new titles.