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solidbenny Offline Joined: Dec 2013 Posts: 4 My friend and I want to know which Death Note opening song you prefer. Also mention your opinion on the other song (the one you didn’t choose). Please fill out the poll. Also, please don’t choose the “neither” option unless you truly loathe both of them. BBCode Modified by solidbenny, Dec 9, 2013 4:18 AM TsundereHeart Offline Joined: Mar 2012 Posts: 8959 Second.

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Why? Just cause… POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, FREE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNN BBCode Edm1321 Offline Joined: Nov 2013 Posts: 101 Just the screaming of the 2nd opening is already a full nope for me. Also, I keep hearing “Porn” at the start.

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Edit: Well, that’s one hell of a ninja. BBCode kuchitsu Offline Joined: Jun 2008 Posts: 1059 Wow, very surprising results so far. I guess it was obvious that the 1st opening would get more votes since the 2nd one belongs to a more marginal genre but I didn’t expect such a big difference.

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Personally I voted can’t decide because I like both a lot and they are way too different to compare. BBCode solidbenny Offline Joined: Dec 2013 Posts: 4 rohan18 said: First op way much better and I especially like the scene at the end of the op. Can you mention why you didn’t vote for the second op? BBCode Ston3_FreeN7 Offline Joined: Jun 2009 Posts: 14866 The second one, I think it captures Light’s madness very well. BBCode “Yes, I have been deprived of emotion.

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But not completely. Whoever did it, botched the job.” – Geralt of Rivia FinalFlash18 Offline Joined: Mar 2013 Posts: 1146 It’s just that I usually watch op ending every time I watch Death Note and by that I began to like first op. I like first op much better than second op. Above of all the first ending song is much awesome than any other Death Note op and ending.

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It really portrays Light like a real cool badass! BBCode Second OP. All the fucking way. Honestly, I didn’t even watch the first one all the way through.

The second one really matches my music taste even more. make9619 said: insan3Spectre said: The second one, I think it captures Light’s madness very well. Pretty much this. It really shows Light’s journey to corruption. BBCode Fight Club Anime Scott Pilgrim Manga Death Cab for Cutie Yuki Kajura “Who’d you rather be? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

” MY REVIEWS! READ THEM. http://myanimelist.

net/profile/StillSwingin007/reviews 1st OP was well done, but very generic. 2nd Op tried to be different.

It almost kicked me off my chair when I first saw it. I also think it portrayes Light’s mind, with all the yelling and raging. I gave my vote to #2. BBCode They were both a bit too edgy for me, all I remember was the apple.

(clearly a reference to Kamen Rider Faiz’ opening) lupadim said: I prefer the second ending

v=FpBBMaEBmMA Same, actually this is the only piece I remember from the series without having to watch videos. BBCode lexibrabes Offline Joined: Mar 2014 Posts: 2 I prefer the first one, but I think they both match the anime pretty well. The second one captured how things got darker in the second half of the anime.

It fits with Light’s character development, in my opinion. BBCode