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75 On the whole, the ASUS ZenFone 4 is a decent little phone. It doesn’t do anything exceptionally well, but it doesn’t try to. What it tries to be is a dependable budget phone, and it mostly succeeds.The display works fine. Granted, it’s not the vivid…

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com on November 14, 2014 40 The Asus ZenFone 4 is the company’s latest budget blower, ringing up at just under £100, and it’s aiming to be one the best value handsets you can get. It faces stiff competition from Motorola’s double duo of the Moto G and Moto E, but can Asus beat the… By PCAdvisor on October 03, 2014 60 For £99, we’re impressed by the ZenFone 4. It’s nicely designed, has brilliant software features, is suitably speedy and has decent battery life, but it’s not outstanding. We’d like to see a slightly better camera and the addition of 4G connectivity.

Extra $12/12% Off or more + $100 of Gift Cards On Double 12 Sale

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By T3 Magazine on August 30, 2014 60 Don’t want to spend hundreds on a phone? Asus wants a word with you. The Asus Zenfone 4 is an Android phone that sells for a pound under £100 without any sort of contract, making it an obvious pick for the SIM-only crowd of phone buyers.

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This is Asus’s… By Recombu on August 30, 2014 70 We review the Asus Zenfone 4, a £99 Android handset that’s pretty small but still packs in some decent features, including a nippy Intel processor and 5-megapixel camera.It’s never been a better time to be a skint smartphone lover, with some seriously…

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By Mobile Choice on August 29, 2014 70 A good entry-level phone with the newest Android software, a smart user interface by Asus over the top, high build quality and good performance. The Zenfone 4 is only let down by poor viewing angles, an average rear camera and the lack of a front one…. By 91mobiles.

com on August 04, 2014 80 The Zenfone 4 is by no means the perfect device, but when you compare it to the competition in the same price range, its perks become obvious. Unlike most other affordable smartphones, ASUS has been generous with the internal storage on the Zenfone 4,… By PC Advisor on October 07, 2014 Asus has launched a rather nice range of smartphones , called ZenFones.

There are three ZenFones to choose from, each with a different screen size, slightly different the specs and an adjusted price tag that reflects those various differences. See also :… By 91mobiles.

com on August 01, 2014 “The Zenfone 4 offers mid-range specs for a pocket-friendly price.” It was only recently that the Moto E (review) was the darling of the budget smartphone space, but you know as well as we do that nothing lasts forever.

ASUS’ Zenfone range caused quite… By PC Advisor on January 10, 2014 Entry level smartphones are extremely popular all-over the world, so it should come as no surprise to you that Asus are looking to take a chunk of the market with the cheap ZenFone 4. We got to spend some time with the device at CES 2014, here’s our Asus… By Pocket-lint on January 07, 2014 Asus has already proven that just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it needs to look and feel cheap.

Think Nexus 7 and you’ll have an idea what we mean. But at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas the Taiwanese company… By GSMArena on January 07, 2014 Asus unveiled a handful of new devices at its CES 2014 press conference, making it one of the most action packed events this year in Las Vegas.

Three new Android-powered smartphones premiered as part of the brand new Zenfone lineup. There is another…

By on January 15, 2015 82 ZenFone 4 stara się nas zabrać do świata prostego, o informacjach dostępnych pod ręką oraz schludnego UI. Podoba mi się ścieżka jaką obrał producent tworząc tą serię i miałem ogromny żal, że musiałem oddać urządzenie jego prawowitemu właścicielowi….

By on December 09, 2014 90 Asus ZenFone 4 (A450CG) według mnie jest jednym z najlepszych smartfonów jaki obecnie możemy kupić w cenie do 500 zł. Za nieduże pieniądze otrzymujemy naprawdę przyjemny w użyciu telefon, który spełni niemal wszystkie postawione mu zadania bez większych…

By Techzilla on December 02, 2014 70 Asus Zenfone 4 è davvero un dispositivo sorprendente. Si muove tranquillamente secondo le nostre esigenze e riesce a non far sentire troppo la sua anima low-cost. Zen UI è un valore aggiunto notevole, così come il costante supporto di Asus ed una… By mobileos.

it on November 26, 2014 74 Video Recensione Asus Zenfone 4: La redazione è qui per darvi i giudizi finali sul prodotto dell’azienda taiwanese che si affaccia, da quest’anno, anche nel mondo dei cellulari, infatti troviamo la nuova serie ZenFone con ben tre dimensioni di display:… By komputerswiat.

pl on November 10, 2014 67 Firma ASUS zrobiła spory szum wokół swoich nowych smartfonów, które miały mieć rewelacyjny stosunek jakości do ceny. Tymczasem już pierwszy rzut oka na ich specyfikację techniczną włączył u mnie żółte światło ostrzegawcze. Cena może i jest w porządku,…

By on October 17, 2014 7 ZenFone 4 è in vendita a 119 euro. Non troppi considerando l’hardware.

Bella interfaccia utente ZenUi sviluppata da ASUS che, purtroppo, su questo display da 4 pollici, piccolo e non di elevata qualità, non rende complice anche le scarse performance… By firstpost.

com on October 16, 2014 70 The Asus Zenfone 4 packs lots of features into a tiny package. But the budget price means that the phone has cut corners, which is evident in the low-resolution display and underpowered processor and camera.

Yet, there’s lots to like about the Zenfone 4:…