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Hey fellow Tracfoners here is a list of 4G phones. If you have a phone or story of of success, just post it below. Here we go 3G: I can personally confirm these phones.

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(I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE FOLLOWING 3G LIST) (Thank you Tracfone reviewer blogspot) tracfonereviewer.blogspot.

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com/p/tracfone-byop-phone-list.html iPhone 4 iPhone 4s Motorola Droid 1 Motorola Droid 2 Motorola Droid 3 Motorola Droid X Motorola Droid X2 HTC Droid Incredible – HTC Droid Incredible 2 Samsung Fascinate HTC Rhyme HTC Trophy (windows phone) – Moto G – Here is the deal with this phone. It must have been used for a couple months on Verizon first.

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I have this phone my self and can confirm this one. 4G Phones. This is my own list. If you have a success story, PM me and will add it IPhone 5 IPhone 5s/5c IPhone 6 HTC One M8 HTC One M7 Samsung Galaxy s3 Samsung Galaxy s4 Samsung Galaxy s5 Motorola Droid Ultra/RAZR/Mini Not working: Phones with Bad ESN Non Verizon Phones Alright.

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So that is over. I honestly have not found a phone that didn’t work. But, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A VERIZON PHONE BEFORE YOU START or Tracfone will not recognize your phone. Here is what you do to test your VERIZON phone.

Features china smartphone marketshare

First get your IMEI from your cell phone. (Settings, About phone, Status) Go on swappa.

com/ESN and verify your phone isn’t stolen. Then go to tracfonewireless.

com/byop and make sure Tracfone identifies it and says it works. (If it works it will ask you for the LTE sim) I recommend purchasing a phone off eBay. Before buying, ask for the IMEI and give them a how-to tutorial as many sellers have no idea what an IMEI is….. If everything checks out, tell me below.

Tips 1. Use a straight talk Sim for activation 2. Be patient. This is new and is not always a clearly marked path. 3. Take about 1/2 hour of free time to activate the phone.

4. Make sure the phone is compatible before you buy it. 5. Although not required, try to find phones that have lots of BYOP support. IPhone 5,6, and Samsung Galaxy Phones are well supported. 6. Be patient when on the phone with Tracfone. They sometimes are misinformed. FAQ Q: How can you upgrade your current phone to a new 4g phone? A: Go onto tracfone’s BYOP page. Type in your IMEI of your new phone. Select “I want to upgrade my active BYOP to another phone.” Q: What phone do you recomend? A: IPhone 4. Why? its $50 on eBay right now. Q: Do 3g and 4g prepaid phones work? A: No Q:Will XXXXX phone work? A: Get the IMEI and test it out. Q: Will unlocked phones work? A: Maybe. Make sure that it has CDMA technology for it to work. If it has GSM, it will not work. Honestly, unlocking is unessecary and will just increase the price of the phone. Q: Can u plz make a hack or something for non Verizon phones? A: No. Only Verizon phones work. Q: Will I have to buy another NAC if I have a BYOP already? A: Good question. No Q: How much is the NAC? A: 10 bucks Q: What on earth is BYOP and NAC mean? A: Bring your own phone. Network access card Q:Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! A: Post it below Q: Wow, you seem quite amazing!!!! How can I help? A: Drop a Thanks below. If you are really awesome, give me 50¢ toward my next phone via PM Should I add anything else??? Tell me below. —————————————————————————————————— About Me: Tracfoner and Penny pincher since 1999. ICHS is the place to be. -Jake Last edited by themotoman; 03-07-2015 at 11:14 AM. Originally Posted by themotoman You are correct prepaid 3g phones do not work unless they are used for 5-6 months before So, none of these 4g prepaid phones will work either?…rtphone-plans/ Thanks. Originally Posted by cg1 Thanks for the list. One question though: I guess new Verizon prepaid phones won’t work, as in the 3G BYOP? Yes that is correct. Prepaid doesnt work unless you are lucky and someone used it for 5-6 months before you bought it. For most of those phones on the list, there is a post-paid version available. And, it may even be cheaper than the phones listed as buying direct from verizon is usually most expensive. Last edited by themotoman; 03-07-2015 at 10:30 AM. About the area you left above “Reserved for more stuff”. The message board software will remove the “EDIT” button after a few days and not allow any more edits. Not sure of the exact timeframe, but it does go away. So when the “EDIT” button goes away for that message, that’s what happened. Is a Telegram a metric e-mail? I bought an LG Lucid 840 for $26 free shipping on eBay. Got it today. Took my Tracfone nanosim from iPhone 6 and put it in a microsim adapter. Put it in the LG Lucid 840 and it works like a champ. Good cheap backup phone. Originally Posted by larryoham12 I bought an LG Lucid 840 for $26 free shipping on eBay. Got it today. Took my Tracfone nanosim from iPhone 6 and put it in a microsim adapter. Put it in the LG Lucid 840 and it works like a champ. Good cheap backup phone. Nice!!! Will add to the list This is a very helpful thread! So, I have a few BYOPs ordered and scheduled to arrive soon—if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing! I figured you guys would understand. First is a Moto G, from an eBay seller who advertises the phones as being Tracfone BYOP-ready. I’ve also bought a Droid Mini and a Droid 3. I hope I understand the process. I’m reading the BYOP (3G and LTE) threads slowly, but there’s a lot of info there. I take it that I buy a network access card (which is more like a number, right?) for the 3G phones, and activation should work right away, with the NAC? The phones I bought should work (crossing fingers), as they’re on the acceptable list and their IMEIs are touted as being good. With the LTE, I go through the online activation process, and they’ll suggest that they send me a SIM card, and then when I get that, I’ll be able to activate the Droid Mini (which is 4G/LTE)? The other thing is worrying about getting the phones into the Tracfone system. I’ve developed a paranoia about porting the phone straight into one of my existing phone numbers, as I’ve heard stories of people losing their minutes and even their phone numbers while trying to bring in a new phone. I have some phone #s on Tracfone that have low minutes and the numbers aren’t ones I use a lot, so I plan on activating the BYOP phones into one of these numbers, see if that works out, and then if it does, then transfer the phone to my main numbers? Should that work better? It sounds like a lot of the kinks are finally getting worked out with Tracfone, but I’ve been dealing with them for only a month now, and already have a pretty clear picture that customer service is hit or miss, so I don’t want to take unnecessary chances. I’ll post an update when I start getting my phones (should be tomorrow) and hopefully it’ll go well! UPDATE: So far, so good! My Droid Mini and Moto G arrived today. The Moto G, which I purchased off of eBay (it was sold with the claim that it was “Tracfone ready”), was immediately accepted into the system. I had to quickly go and purchase a NAC (network access card) from The NAC number was emailed me within maybe 20-30 minutes of purchase. Once I had the NAC number and IEMI number entered, I was able to activate the phone with an existing phone # account. (As I said in my previous post, I chose to use a more ‘disposable’ number, just in case things went bad.) But things went great! The phone was active immediately! But it wasn’t showing up in my Tracfone account (list of phones and numbers), so I added the phone using the “add phone” button (top right of account page) and then it is listed along with the rest of my vast collection of Tracfone phones. Then I finally switched the Moto G to my main phone number. That also went through immediately. The Droid Mini IEMI number was accepted, I put in the NAC that I’d purchased, and I was asked if I wanted a SIM sent to me. I filled out my address and they “say” they will ship it out. I saved the ticket number of this transaction, so I can follow up later. Thanks to everyone for the help and information given. I’m tickled!