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Leave it to Me flamewarflipsides Chapter 7: The Recall Summary: So now Sonic can get in line, ask his question, and find his stuff… can’t he? Chapter Text By the time the line got to me, I was tapping my feet on the ground and drumming my fingers on my arm so hard it hurt. I was bored, I was restless, I was tired, my head was hurting, and I just wanted to go home. Thankfully, after I took care of frat boy the kids were cheering instead of whining, but it was still loud enough to hurt. I asked for the cough syrup that just had the cough medicine in it, not the antiwhatsits, and they made me sign a bunch of paperwork promising that I wasn’t going to give it to kids to get high on before they gave me the bottle. You can get high on that stuff?

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Is there anything people need for important stuff that you can’t get high on anymore? Then I wandered back over to pick up the cough drops.

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I found Tails’ favorite, the fruity tingly ones, pretty easily on a shelf that was just in my reach. Then I started combing the place for the kind I was after.

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I read somewhere that if you take this certain kind of cough drop when everyone around you is sick, you won’t get as sick as everyone else, and if you take it when you first get sick, it won’t last as long. It’s not something I need to know often, but let me tell you, that time with the 1001 Nights I was kicking myself in the butt for not knowing. So I started combing the shelves, looking high and low, for the drops for me. I guess they’re not cough drops if you’re not coughing right?

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Candy. Medicinal candy?

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Nah, that sounds like the same exact reason I had to stand in line for cough syrup. After spending about ten minutes in the aisle, I wasn’t finding it. What’s weirder is that I couldn’t see any empty spots on the shelf, either.

It was just… gone. So I popped back over to the service desk. The same kid was there, and so was a police officer. “Oh, hey, Sonic.

Not often you come to us!” she quipped, grinning as she adjusted her hat. “Yeah, well, I didn’t wanna hurt the guy.” “Wouldn’t do to get your socks dirty, right?” She snickered, eyes darting down to look at them. I frowned.

“Uh, about the guy who was trying to hit him?” The kid at the desk prompted, rolling his eyes the moment the officer looked away. “Right. I’ll just take a statement.

Unless the hedgehog had something else to complain about…?” I rolled my eyes, not bothering to hide it from the lady, and turned to the kid at the desk. “I can’t find a kinda cough drop I’m lookin’ for either.

Did you guys move them, too?” “Well, they just discontinued a couple kinds,” the kid offered with a shrug. “After you give the officer a statement I’ll walk over there with you? I’m about to clock out anyway.

” Wow. A kid was gonna help me after he clocked out? I realized how goofy the smile was after I felt it go all the way up to my eyes, and felt a little embarrassed. Covering, I said, “Wow, It’s really nice to have someone say something that isn’t about my socks!

” Probably the wrong thing to say, ’cause the officer was grumpy with me the whole time she took my statement. She really pushed me on where all the bruises on my face came from, and I told her the truth about slipping and falling down Tails’ hill. No sense getting someone in trouble.

She let me go with a couple of snide comments about not stopping Cubot at Nakamart’s and a sneering promise that the frat boy wouldn’t be insulting little girls at the pharmacy any time soon. When I got done, as promised, the kid left the desk and walked over with me. “I’m not sure we have what you’re looking for, Sonic. Most of the zinc drops have been temporarily discontinued because of some kinda recall.

” I frowned. “That sucks.

I hope I didn’t waste your time,” I added. I looked at the boy’s nametag.

Keith. “Are you kidding?

I wouldn’t have any time to waste if you hadn’t stopped Chaos. If I can be the one person in your day who isn’t a complete idiot, that’s worth something.

” Uh oh. Fanboy. He marched into the aisle and zeroed right in on the area I expected to find them, tracing his fingers over the shelf until he was pointing at something.

“They should be here, but it looks like someone just stocked another shelf of the minty kind there instead. We must be out of stock.

Sorry Sonic.” He shrugged at me. “I have to get home and pick my sister up from piano practice, but if you need anything else, most of the people at the desk should be pretty nice.” He looked at me closer, and an oddly stern look came over his face for a kid so young.

“And put some ice on your nose. The way Knuckles treats you is almost as bad as that guy who chased you treats his girlfriend. You know, I bet even Shadow would treat you better…

” He walked away, and I put my head in my hands, slapping myself so hard it hurt. Why were the people who mean the nicest things saying the weirdest things on accident? Mistaken for gay with Knuckles now? Honestly, that’s not even that bad; I couldn’t give two rips if people thought I was gay and maybe if they did, Amy would leave me alone for a while.

But seriously, mistaken for some battered abuse victim at Knuckles’ hands, now? Shadow would treat me well? Well, dudes or no, I bet they’d both still treat me better than Amy. I shook my head. The kid had good intentions. He cared.

That should be worth more than the fact that he just suggested I was getting slapped around by someone like that. It’s not something I thought about much, but I found myself standing there, thinking about it instead of what I was after. Why did it bother me so much? Why would I feel ashamed?

Because… there’s no shame in being beaten, but if I were getting treated like that, it meant I stayed.

Just like the kid said earlier about the girl… That didn’t make any sense to me, though, ’cause no one wants to get slapped around and told they’re crazy. Whatever kept someone in a situation like that must have a lot of power, if people thought it could get to me. Must be scared to leave, if they don’t like it. Scared of something you can’t run away from or beat up. The kinda thing that was a little too deep for me… I chuckled and shook my head again.

Learn something new every day. I decided to put my foot down with Amy next time, and went grab a bag of the minty cough drops where mine were supposed to be. I figured it’d be good to have a variety, but I was so surprised when I pulled them from behind the shelf that I dropped them. Sitting there, shining in the fluorescent store light, was a little red bag painted with cherries and ice. My drops. The ones that are supposed to keep you from getting sick. The ones that have that funky, tangy metal flavor that reminds me of what happens when I fight Eggman’s robots with my mouth open, only good. I swear I could hear a choir of angel chao behind me as I picked them up, out of the shelf, and deposited them in the little kid seat in the front of my cart. I made a mental note to ask the person doing the bagging not to bag them and made my way over to grocery.

Maybe I would be able to get home before sundown. Kid needed me.