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January 9, 2015We’ve also caught a glimpse of what Android 5.0 Lollipop looks like on Sense UI via a short video. YouTube user Ray Chan uploaded the video late last week showing off the new quick settings menu, recent apps list and notifications shade. Check it out here:Thank you for your help , it’s really awesome .

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I tried with my phone but cant fix that so I sold my mobile on .if you want you can Old phone sell like Sell my phone.

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i have HTC ONE M7 model pn07110 with android 4.4.3,my question is what time to get android 5.0 lolipop.Please note we know anyone who has received this model and android 5.0HTC is a joke, I just heard they won’t be updating the M7 to lollipop 5.1 instead it will be getting the 5.0 buggy version and that’s that. Huh? I thought they were going to update it for 2 years?

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Last time I checked it’s still March and 5.1 is already available the M7 should get this update and be forever stuck on a buggy OS. March 2013 to March 2015 that’s 2 years with my math and it aint fuzzy math. Yeah I’ll be upgrading my phone alright but it won’t be to an HTC.If HTC pushes an update that screws the camera up, permanently, like it did to the flag shup M7; I’ll go nowhere near the M9. #lostfaithinHTC. I bought my M7 developers edition outright and I am extremely disappointed!

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Google the camera issue for the M7 (which they managed to repeat on the M8, bravo!). This has nothing to do with software, it’s a design flaw (overheating) that anyone will get at some point…

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You can fix it yourself, but it’s quite a painful procedure and if you are not used to do those stuffs chances are you will break some components in your phone. If you are lucky to have it still under the 1yr warranty however HTC will fix it for you, at no charge.

A SHAME for HTC if you ask me! Love their design but way too many flaws with the M7 (camera being the biggest one, slow, sometimes it gets stucked, keyboard gets unresponsive during texting, etc…). Don’t like the fugly square camera on the M9 though. As much as I hate going back to being one of those guy with an iPhone, I think I am going to go back to iOS – I had my share of buggy Android craps and other than the M7 and M8 none of the Android phone are appealing to me (a matter of personal tastes)…

It’s getting ridiculous that some manufacturers are getting lolipop on some of their older devices while those of us who spent loads of money on our 2014 flagships are still on the waiting list…