Buy Cell Phone Watch

While that early phone watch could perform basic tasks like calculations, phone is going to have a big impact on which cell phone watch will work best for you. Come and buy wholesale phone watches for android. Wholesale Unlocked Q8 Watch Phone Wrist Cell Phone Mobile Dual Sim Card Dual Standby .

1) A full phone on your wrist.
You can either synchronize your phone with your smartphone, just put a sim card in your smart watch, and make calls or send sms directly from Buy Cell Phone Watch.

2) A huge number of applications and synchronization with smartphones based on Android. With iOS and Windows Phone in the companion mode, only work is done in the headset mode – receiving and making calls. SMS and other notifications will not be received.

3) Receiving calls and messages (Now you will not miss a single phone call and will always be Buy Cell Phone Watch touch!)

4) Autodiscovery of a forgotten phone (start to vibrate if you move away from your phone). Also search for hours, if you forgot where you put it.

5) Take photos directly from the clock, use them as Buy Cell Phone Watch SALFI camera!

6) Have a built-in voice recorder, which is always at hand!

7) And also, the smart version A1, JiTi08 have: radio (not in this processor !!!), pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitoring, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, browser, social network, music player, image browsing, physical activity control , The use of liquids, Buy Cell Phone Watch!