buy huawei p8 opinie

buy huawei p8 opinie
KT096H Android 4.4 3G Tablet Phone w/ 9.6″?¬ 1GB RAM?¬ 16G ROM – White – $87.05

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THL T9 Plus Android Smartphone – Android 6.0, 5.5-Inch Display, Dual IMEI, 4G, Quad-Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 3000mAh (Black) – $87.99

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K960 9.6 inch Android 5.1 Phablet


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Teclast X10 3G Tablet – Android OS, 1 IMEI, 3G, OTG, Quad-Core CPU, 10.1 Inch Full-HD IPS Display, 4900mAh – $85.85

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