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Sruly J A friend of mine with the M7 got lollipop goodness earlier this week. Now to figure out how to break this news to him. DoctorSasquatch 5.1 really only added stuff that is useful for Nexus phones or GPe phones since a lot of the tweaks (like tweaking how the notifications work) don’t matter with Sense. Plus, the m7 isn’t a dual SIM phone, wouldn’t support HD voice anyway (I think), and can’t take advantage of the new protection. Sruly J True, but it’s still kinda sad when after 2 years or whenever, a device one loves gets confirmation of official EOL support Adrianus Albert Jonathan Nadea Unofficial on the other hand… Sruly J I like HTC’s pro-stance with custom Roms. To me it feels like they make it easy for people (not that the process is particularly hard) kgtomov He got 5.0.*, which is not 5.1. Binay Chohan Actually he got 5.0.2 Sruly J I never said he got 5.1 Michael Jones At least they are being good with their new uh oh plan and replacing m7’s with that horrible purple tint. With new program you wont have to send in for repair.

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My fiancee has this issue on hers and it’s crazy how that sensor could pass QA. sabret00the Probably everyone should get 5.1 since it’s more bug fixes than new features. That said, if you’re on CyanogenMod with your M7, you’re still rocking 4.4.x Cory HTC already fixed the bugs. That is so odd, considering 5.1 is essentially fixing all the broken things in 5.0 – it’s a bug fix release rather than a feature release (well, there are some, but it’s primarily bug fixes).

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I understand there are business reasons for not doing it all over again for every variant, but I can’t help but think that this sucks. At least stick it out until the next major release, eh? Calvin Uijlen Doesn´t seem like a smart move.. Binay Chohan It is what it is i guess, im just happy my M7 didn’t have the same outcome as the One X. TylerChappell Close enough.

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Operations manager bluboo edge 4g lte outage

HTC’s promises are total BS, and they always have been. People shoupd never buy an HTC product if it doesnt have Nexus in the name. 2 years? The One M7 was released in March of 2013. Android 5.1 was basically finished in February of 2015 and released in March of 2015. And what about Verizon users?

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They will not have had their One M7 for 2 years until August 2015. Why do they get to be on the chopping block? And then you have the Droid DNA, which came out in November 2012, yet doesn’t get Lollipop which came out in November 2014. Chris One M7 released in March of 2013. It’s now March 2015. No more updates.

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That is exactly two years. You make no sense.

BinaryTB The Verizon M7 was released months after the “major” M7 release, it has not been out for that carrier for 2 years yet. He makes perfect sense. TylerChappell Thank you sir, for your common sense.

And going back to the March 2013 – March 2015. Yes, Google has released Android 5.1 before the month of March was over with, and since they’re already making it for the GPE version, they should have the balls to release it for every other M7 owner. Simple as that. 2 years is 24 months.

Not 23 months, not 22 months, but 24. Chris But that’s not what he is referring to in his comment. I’m not saying I agree that the support should stop after 2 years, but his comment is hypocritical.

TylerChappell The only hypocrisy here is coming from HTC. Their phone came out in March 2013. Google’s Android 5.1 came out in March 2015. Hell, March isn’t even over with yet. They need to not make half-assed promises and be too lazy to deliver on them. It ruins their credibility. With HTC, history ALWAYS repeats itself.

If I were a prospective M9 owner concerned with updates 24 months from now, I clearly would need look no further than the M7 to decide to buy another phone instead. Cory You are too dumb for words Simon Belmont He means that 5.1 was released in March 2015, so the M7 should get it, too. It’s cutting it close, but he has a point, though he just generally seems irate about HTC no matter what (look at number of his posts in this thread complaining about it). 5.1 would be nice for the M7, but I think HTC worked out most of the bugs that Nexus devices experienced in 5.0.x (memory leak, etc) before shipping their update.

Shit, I was an HTC user back in 2009 to 2011, and what HTC using folks get now in terms of clarity and update frequency versus back then is like rags to riches. Cory No he doesn’t have point Cory How stupid are you? Vicknesh Shanmugam Sometimes HTC make senseless decission Matthias Didn’t HTC fix most of the bugs of 5.0 anyway?

For example, the missing silent mode… HTC Sense changes so many things in the operating system, does a “minor” update like 5.1 really matter that much? Disclaimer: I don’t own my One M7 anymore, so please correct me if I’m wrong… KingofPing Not too heartbroken about it. I’ve used 5.0 on the Nexus 6 and both the M7 and M8. It performed *much* better on the M7/M8, at least on my personal devices.

The stuttering and lag that plagued my Nexus 6 never showed up on my M7 or M8. 5.1 fixed the issues with the Nexus 6 for the most part – and the few “user-facing” changes in 5.1 I am most definitely not going to miss using Sense 6 (and even better the ported Sense 7). While part of me would love to see the M7 get more updates, I am happy with it in it’s current state. I would however, love to see confirmation on whether or not Sense 7 will hit the M7 officially.

hkklife I agree it’s also (very) odd and also (very) s****t of HTC but I cannot say that I am honestly surprised. They are probably hemorrhaging $ everywhere and support for older devices is usually the first thing to get the axe. But I would have at least thrown a bone to their users and ridden out the various bugfixes updates until the next major 5.x release.

At the very least, get out 5.1 and call it a day. Yet another reason why Sense’s reason for existence is LONG gone and HTC is slowly circling the drain. How about all of those Droid Incredible 2 and Rhyme users STILL waiting on ICS, huh? Or those fools who bought a Jetstream tablet for $700 on-contract and never even saw ICS? It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the One Maxx—it was released several months after the One M7 and seemingly sold in small numbers so I doubt it’ll reach 2 full years of support.

Cory You are an idiot. Kristian Ivanov It’s still a new version that needs to be tested and later deployed, both require time and resources sadly.

It’s the same deal that happened with the Galaxy S2, it’s just the end of the line. Not to mention you’ll never be able to fix all bugs without moving to a different major release. Grayson That is Google’s fault for needlessly bumping the version number as if this is a major feature release.

5.1 should have been 5.0.3. Then the One M7 probably would have gotten the needed fixes. Tom Kelsall It already has them: http://htcsource. com/2015/03/htc-one-m7-will-not-be-updated-to-android-5-1-why-thats-not-a-bad-thing/?utm_source=feedburner utm_medium=feed utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HtcSource+%28HTC+Source%29 HTCeo Giving people 5.0 but not 5.1 is like getting beat up but not going to the hospital. Leandro Brandão So, no sense 7 for m7? Binay Chohan No, but there is a Sense 7 ROM out for the M7, you could flash that though. Leandro Brandão yeah, it will still have a long life because of custom roms. i have a m8 btw. KingofPing There are several, in fact. SD, ARHD, and InsertCoin. Mileage may vary. Some seem to perform better than others at the moment – they’ll all reach parity soon though, I am certain. Jacob Long This isn’t 100% clear. Sense 7 on the M9 will be running Android 5.0 at release. HTC hasn’t confirmed or denied whether Sense 7 will come to M7. Binay Chohan Im not even mad. I applaud HTC for keeping their word and supporting the M7 for 2 years. As much as i would like the update to 5.1, by the time that would come to my M7, im going to have a new phone anyway. Props to HTC. TylerChappell 2 years means that all M7 owners should be getting 5.1. (March 2013 – Release of HTC One M7, March 2015 – Release of Android 5.1) Seeing as how they will only be getting 5.0.2 at the most (which came out in November 2014), HTC’s “24 months” is in fact, 20 months, and worse yet, only 15 months for Verizon One M7 owners. Don’t give them props they don’t deserve. Tom Kelsall 5.1 won’t be ready for release to Sense phones until probably July. That’s WAY past the two year point. Adrianus Albert Jonathan Nadea The GPE Ones will get 5.1. Getting it ready for Sense will go beyond the 2 year mark. Cory You are such a sad stupid troll Ryan Looking at the side by side, Sense still looks terrible. Not as dated as Samsungs but still far behind where android is now. jonathan3579 I hate TouchWiz but I think Samsung put more effort into materializing than HTC. It makes me sad that so little has changed from Sense 6 to 7. Samsung is usually never the one to put much thought into software unless it’s how much shit they can cram in it. Bertel King, Jr. I’d say it’s the other way around. Sense 5.5 already had the flat aesthetic that Google would later adopt with Lollipop, and Sense 6 added the colors. HTC didn’t have to change much, because now Google’s apps blend in with its existing interface better than they did before. jonathan3579 Maybe Sense has just gotten stale to me? It, like the M9, wasn’t the revamp I was hoping for. I will hold off my reservations until I get a M9 in my hands. (Although I’d really like that vertical launcher to go.) Jacob Long I think I may prefer to Sense to AOSP. Of course, Sense was Material Design before Material Design, so it both looks like it and not quite as fresh as MD. KingofPing This. We were rocking Material before it was even a thing. Wait…we were hipsters? *shudders* The QuickSettings is what has me hooked on HTC. Google’s (Nexus/AOSP) never made sense to me. Tap vs. long press would do entirely different things depending on the icon and it rarely seemed consistent at all (until 5.1). The QuickSettings in Sense 5/6/7 are consistent, logical, and intuitive. Being able to customize the order / arrangement is also a huge bonus. Hossam Does not consume resources as much as Touchwiz , So yeah it is outdated 🙂 Ryan As Clarkson would say, “Herpes is better than Touchwiz. ” #FreeJeremy asd It really doesn’t look that good in this picture, but on videos it looks much better, so I guess the real life experience is also not bad (but I have no idea, I’ve only seen one HTC One in my life on a train, it’s not that popular where I live). Rafael Luik Wut! Sense was the most Lollipop-y skin before Lollipop was even announced. Ryan But its as if lollipop was designed by a 5 year old. Its rough, the icons are simplistic and the colors are horrid. I wouldnt mind the skins if they put some real effort into polishing them. If youre gonna try and replace some excellent built-in functionality at least do it right, not like it was made in MS Paint. Cory Please. Sense looks million times better that stock. Stock looks like it was made in ms paint. Jake Sense does look terrible in my opinion, always has. Cory Please. Lollipop is a complete copy of Sense 6. dude2k5 HTC should have tried to keep older customers. Not everyone will be wanting the M9. I think this year will not turn out how they figured it would. TylerChappell Time to abandon the sinking ship that is HTC. Tom Kelsall Don’t be a dick. Jay HTC broke their promise of delivering Lollipop to everyone by late January, some carrier versions still don’t have it. They keep their promise when it’s convenient. I like my M7, but won’t be getting an M9 because the company’s word is meaningless. jonathan3579 You obviously didn’t watch their Q A yesterday. They said they “are not happy” with the rollout of the 5.0 update particularly on AT T but it wasn’t their fault; AT T wanted certain things that have rolled out during the development phase rolled into the update and it is in carrier testing right now. Jadephyre This, so much. No OEM can dictate how carriers are handling the updates, even if it gives the Manufacturer a bad rep (which sucks, but this is where we’re at). Karl Pilkington “No OEM can dictate how carriers are handling the updates” You’re forgetting about Apple I see. Note: I hate Apple, just had to be pointed out. MJ What other OEM has a better track record on updates? I assume you will be getting a Nexus or iPhone for your next device… Binay Chohan I agree that its not HTC’s fault and they are doing much better update wise, but recently i’d have to say Motorola has had the best track record when it come to OS updates. hkklife Agreed. Everything in the Moto X and beyond era has done very well update-wise SO FAR. But I am expecting some major shenanigans pretty soon for the OG X and G. Otherwise, I applaud Samsung for updating the GS3 all the way from ICS to KitKat . Also, the Note 2 is from 2012 and it’s still supposedly going to get Lollipop but I am starting to greatly doubt that rumor. Caleb Lee My M7 got Lollipop before the Moto X though… Jadephyre HTC has no control over how carriers roll out their updates. I bet that HTC delivered the version for the carriers on time, but the carriers themselves caused the delays. Stop always blaming the manufacturer for things they have no control over, it’s pathetic. Aldrin Tauro Someone sounds butthurt. Seriously though, at least they delivered a really good Lollipop experience instead of half-assing it. Sense 6 on 5.0.1 is smooth as hell, the battery life is the same or better, and it has Lollipop features. As opposed to Samsung, where you have to factory reset or pull your hair out. Chris I really think some people just love to complain for no legitimate reason. Vern Wilcox I have 5.0.2 on my m7, I’ve had to factory reset 3 times trying to sort out issues, even now if I lose my signal for any reason, I have to reboot the phone to get the signal back, (I’ve missed quite a few business calls because of this), the alarm clock doesn’t go off half of the time, apps force close all of the time (if they open to begin with), half my texts don’t get sent unless I turn off WiFi, if I switch airplane mode on, I have to reboot to turn it back off. It worked great on jelly bean. It doesn’t make sence to give us the update and then not sort out the bugs. Aldrin Tauro Are you running the official update or a ported version? I had the same issue on my Verizon M8 since the radio firmware hadn’t been updated to a Verizon Lollipop version. Once the official OTA dropped, I updated my firmware, and viola, no more signal issues. Vern Wilcox It’s the official update 5.0.2 (Vodafone UK), the software number is, which is different to some I have seen on the net, but this might just be that its from a different carrier Cory Liar Cory You are a lair. Vern Wilcox Why am I a liar, I have only reported the issues I am having since the update, I
didn’t have these issues with Kitkat so all I can only assume it that it is the 5.0.2 update. maybe its the carrier version that’s causing the problems, I don’t know, I have reported it to Vodafone and HTC, they say they are both looking into is as they have had other reports of similar issues. I’m not particularly interested in 5.1 I gain nothing from it except bug fixes. Given the choice of having a working phone on Jelly bean and a phone with the problems I have now on lollipop, I take Jelly bean in a second. Just because your phone is working ok at the moment, does that automatically mean that everyone else’s has to be. What the hell would I gain from lying. Chris People complain so damn much. You’re lucky HTC is so transparent with the entire update process. Other manufacturers just say it’s coming “soon”. HTC has an entire webpage with details on each phone and what part of the update process it’s in. Most delays are related to carriers. Stop whining. Tom Kelsall Point of Order M’Lud – HTC did NOT choose to drop the One X for updates – they were left out in the cold by NVidia who dropped support for the Tegra 3 chip and therefore did not produce a BSP for it; rendering Android updates impossible. Maxr1998 Just curious, what about the Nexus 7 then? Floss Different SoC (though it’s marketing name was the same). It could have been as simple as Google put driver update support in the contract ahead of time and HTC did not. This was not an isolated incident though, and many other OEMs complained about NVidia refusing to update drivers, hence why almost all of them dropped NVidia after the Tegra 3. deltatux Really? Because NVIDIA is probably the only chip manufacturer who consistently keep providing driver updates for new Android releases. If they stopped updating then the original Nexus 7 would have stopped gaining new Android releases so I call bs on that. If NVIDIA didn’t provide driver updates for Tegra 3 then Google would have done the same as it had with the Galaxy Nexus and stopped updating the original Nexus 7 at the point NVIDIA stopped supporting the chip. Floss Re-read my post since that is literally the only thing I addressed. Simon Belmont N7 got the lower binned version of the same Tegra 3. Nvidia dropped support for the higher binned Tegra 3 a long time ago. @daneren2005:disqus is probably right about Google negotiating a contract with Nvidia to keep THAT Tegra 3 up to date. Makes me wonder how long before that contract runs out given the N7 2012 is rapidly approaching 3 years old and has been the longest supported Nexus device for a while now. Tom Kelsall It had a variant of the chip which “for some unknown reason” continued to received support after all other variants were dropped. The Google Whispered Word can achieve a lot, it seems… “You wouldn’t mind continuing to support the Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7, would you? No… we thought not. Pat pat… there’s a good little chip supplier.” Deeco HTC; You wonder why your profits are down? Aldrin Tauro People don’t buy Samsung because of their device updating policies. Binay Chohan Honestly OS updates are the last thing that average consumers think about when buying a new phone so this is not the reason why HTC doesn’t have the best profits. Cory Yeah because updating a device for 24 months and then dropping support is such a bad move. You are an idiot. Fatal1ty_93_RUS it’s official – whoever is in charge of making the device update decision went full retard One must never go full retard… KingofPing Promise: Will update for two years. Answer when asked if an update will be made available after the two year point: Nope. Yeah, that sure is retarded… /smh Vern Wilcox I know lets give them M7 owners an update that screws their phone up just before the 2 year point, and not give them the bug fixes because its outside the 2 years. Yeah, that will get us M7 owners rushing out to buy the M9… not. Sounds pretty retard to me Cory The 5.0 update didn’t screw up the M7. It runs as good as it did on 4.4. Lane Harju Why is it so shocking to people that a two year old phone won’t be getting updates? Fatal1ty_93_RUS It’s not shocking – It’s just bullshit David It is shocking because they should be able to apply 5.1 in a week and fix most of lollipop bugs but they rather force the user to live with those bugs and buy another phone to fix them? That’s probably why. Simon Belmont Should be able to. But can’t or won’t. Carrier certification would probably take a while even for a minor update and that costs man hours and money, and I doubt the carriers care about supporting a 2 year old phone anymore (or paying employees to have it certified). They want you to buy a new one. Tom Kelsall Everything in 5.1 is already handled in HTC phones: utm_source=feedburner utm_medium=feed utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HtcSource+%28HTC+Source%29 Cory They already fixed the lollipop bugs Miguel GW I flashed the GPE ruu on my M7 so I should be getting 5.1 which is good news, I wish the M9 had a GPE and I would buy HTC again, it has been my favorite phone since the iPhone 4 (hardware wise). I just can’t stand ROMs from vendors like Samsung specially, I guess it will be a Nexus phone for me from now on. M7 GPE has been a fun and awesome ride 🙁 Caleb Lee Same. If the M9 had a GPE, it’d definitely be my next phone. I’ll probably stay on my M7 until the next (hopefully smaller) Nexus. Joe What I think is more interesting is how the GPe will go 5.1 but not the standard version. Just about 90% of the work is the damn kernel and drivers, and I doubt anything major changed in between. Either google is paying for the upgrade so to speak, HTC is just lazy, or maybe it just doesn’t matter to the end user because they won’t see any difference anyhow. Karl Pilkington It’ll be a lot easier for them to upgrade the GPe device since they don’t need to ensure their skin sense specific features work. Not to mention none of the cost of getting it certified with all the carriers and all the different varients, since there is just one GPe model, not sold through carriers. TylerChappell But all that does is show how lazy HTC is with their promises. The GPE edition is the easiest to update due to the lack of Sense, sure, but it’s also probably the least sold version of the One M7. I bet more than 90% of the One M7’s out there are carrier versions people bought on-contract. Android 5.1 was finished and released within the 2-year time frame of the release of M7, but HTC has a history of giving its customers the middle finger: HTC Flyer HTC Jetstream HTC Thunderbolt HTC Rezound HTC Rhyme HTC Droid Incredible 4G HTC Evo 4G LTE HTC One X, and now HTC One M7 Simon Belmont Heh. Don’t forget the EVO 3D that only got one major update to ICS from Gingerbread and they took forever to get it out (in fact Virgin Mobile EVO 3Ds got it before Sprint’s customers did). And while we’re at it, the original HTC phone on Sprint, the HTC Hero, only got one update from Android 1.5 to Android 2.1, even though other HTC devices went up to 2.2 that had the same hardware. Heck, my HTC Hero ran Gingerbread really well (CM7.2). Cory The HTC One X didn’t get updated because of Nivda. The M7 was updated for two years as promised. You are a such a bad troll. TylerChappell Stating facts doesn’t make one a troll. Try again after you’ve gained a few IQ points in that delusional corporate butt-kissing brain of yours. Cory You must be a conservative because you are so uneducated Harold Goldner The “private” developers support popular handsets for years after the manufacturers abandon them. I was running ROMs more current than what were on HTC’s then current stock devices on my Rezound long after HTC abandoned that handset. And there’s almost always an AOSP ROM available. Dan Support isn’t quite the same as compiling some code, throwing it on mega upload and writing “Bugs? You tell me” in a forum post Simon Belmont Sadly, I kind of figured this was coming. Although, I’m slightly surprised that they don’t throw loyal customers a bone and at least get the M7 up to the more sta
ble Android 5.1 (though 5.0.2 doesn’t seem to run badly). My wife likely won’t care about this and continue to use her T-Mobile M7 for the foreseeable future. She says it’s the best phone she’s ever had, and barring the purple tinted camera, I’d agree, that it’s been a great phone for her. Cory 5.0.2 is stable on the M7. Grayson And this is why Google should have made 5.1 5.0.3 instead. It’s mostly just bug fixes. Now older devices that hit the cutoff for support will be stuck on a buggy ass version forever. Cory HTC already fixed the bugs in their roll out FlexPlexico While HTC did better than with the One X, this is still not good enough. The reason why HTC has to abandon their phones early is that sense is heavy in development and customization. All the more reason to choose a manufacturer who delivers the raw android experience without a lot of needless customizations. TylerChappell I think I’m just over HTC at this point. There’s not a single Android OEM without a major flaw. LG: updates, UI lag, desperately trying to be Samsung in every market Samsung: updates, UI lag, too many products, too many gimmicks, desperately trying to be Apple. Motorola: camera/image processing HTC: updates, countless false promises, products people get burned by or don’t want (re camera), terrible marketing Sony: updates, availability, ugly PlayStation looking UI Dan You can add updates to moto too. LP is probably going to be the last release for the ’13 X too Cory They updated the M7 for 2 years as promised. IR got timely updates as promised. So your false promises line is bs TylerChappell You’re clearly not very knowledgeable of HTC’s history. It’s synonymous with false promises. No need for you to be all butthurt by the truth. They missed their 90-day Lollipop deadline, just in case you weren’t aware. Cory Actually no they didn’t. The Developer Edition and Unlocked Edition were updated within the 90 days and the updates were delivered to the carriers before the 90 days were up. You are really uninformed. aboy no they promised 90 days for international and unlocked versions not carrier.. and they made that promise out of those companies – update wise — lets not get started on saumsung Cory You are an idiot and gave no idea what you are talking about FlexPlexico Ah, such eloquence and clarity of thought. Now run along and do your homework. Gabriel Liboni If you don’t care much about Sense, you can easily turn your M7 into a GPe (well, at least the unlocked and developer editions). After you unlock bootloader and S-OFF, it’s less than 5 minutes for the whole process. I have a Unlocked M7, got tired of Sense and tried that, you just change the CID to GOOGL001, flash an official GPe ROM and voilà. It will update itself version by version automatically, so it will take some time and reboot a lot, but you will finish the process with a clean GPe M7 with the latest Android 😉 Some quick googling will do the trick Cool Don’t have to pay $25 to unlock the bootloader? Or has a new method been figured out the doesn’t have a price tag? Not that I have a problem with paying for somebody’s work. I’m just curious. Gabriel Liboni Well, i don’t know about paying to unlock it, I did it a long time ago, can’t really remember the details and for sure don’t know about it now =/ Simon Belmont @disqus_WYe2zKIFH4:disqus is right, in part. Prior to 4.4.2 you could unlock the bootloader easily. After 4.4.2 it became harder and a developer released an unlocker called Sunshine that costs $25 per device. It’s a bit steep, but if you want an unlocked bootloader and plan on keeping your phone for a long while, then it’s probably worth it, and it’s always good to support people’s work. Matthew Fry I understand that it’s a major development effort to maintain these devices and test them rigorously enough for general user consumption but it’s kind of their own fault. If their changes weren’t so integrated into the Android code base they could maintain more devices. Cory Its a 2 year old device. Let it die. Nathan J HTC did right by the M7 users, sometimes giving them updates before M8 users. As an M8 user, I felt burned, but only for a second. The One M7 was a real turning point for HTC, and HTC maybe felt it owed the M7 users something. And we weren’t far behind. But maybe now that I’m on last year’s device, I’ll see the M8 get something before the M9. Turnabout being fair play and all. But not on mine — gaining S-OFF, I’ve been on Lollipop since November. There are already four or five Sense 7 ROMs out now. I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can officially get Sense 7 on anything yet. It’s going to debut on the M9, but a few people got ahold of the code and have back ported it to the M8. It has issues, as one could expect (it might be expecting 3GB of RAM and only working with 2), but mostly it’s functional, and the theme engine is sweet. But the architecture of the M7 and M8 seems so similar, though not as much so as M8 to M9, so it seems that the M7 should still continue to get updates… except, of course, HTC wants One M7 users on 2-year contracts to buy the One M9. Those on the One M7 bummed by this news should really hit up XDA and gain S-OFF. If there’s a GPE One M7, you can get the GPE ROM on your One M7, even if it shipped with Sense. If it’s the GSM M7, you can actually convert your M7 to a bona fide GPE edition, Google bootloader and all. If it’s one of the CDMA versions, you can get GPE ported, which uses the HTC bootloader. I’m running GPE now (on the M8) and it’s sweet. So in March of next year, HTC will pull the plug on the M8. But, I mean, I’m running an M9 ROM (I’m dual booting — currently running GPE, but I can boot into Sense 7 inside a minute) ported to the M8… so I have no reason to believe, as long as there are still developers interested in the M8 (and that can change), we’ll probably still be getting M9 ports, GPE updates… and there are even some M8 users who are sticking with KitKat because, for one reason or another, they just don’t like Lollipop. Friendly Photo Zone This is sad. The M7 is still a fantastic and relevant device. My wife continues to use hers after 2 years, and I have a 64GB developer edition that I keep as a backup to my M8. Oh well, a GPe conversion isn’t too painful. 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