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umhhmm so whats the difference i have 5.0.2 on my m7 and 5.1 ? anybody ??? jeneral Well, I imagine quite a few bugs will have been fixed. Any major release needs a few updates to get all the kinks ironed out. This is poor on HTC’s part. They would’ve been better off leaving their phone at 4.4 than making a half-assed upgrade.

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umhhmm This is typical of HTC to do things like this !nothing new danbob999 Good reason for not getting the m9 neo905 My two years are up on my M7. In two years it went from Jelly Bean to Kit Kat to Lollipop, phone still runs great, my only issue is battery life. If I want to keep it I can root it at this point and get whatever the latest version is for however long I want to keep it. So much belly aching over this. I’m up for a new phone. It will either be the Z4, S6 or M9. I know full well if I care about stock android I get a Nexus.

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It’s pretty simple. Nick Gallant My $0.02 as someone who’s done it… Load it up as a GPE phone if you’re going to do anything.

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The M7 makes a perfect Nexus phone. I’m loving it. It’ll be 2 years in Aug for me and I feel no need to upgrade my hardware.

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I did it 2 days after dealing with the new Sense and havent regretted a thing. Love the OTA updates from Google too. neo905 You didn’t mention battery life. It’s not good on the M7. The M8 battery life us great.

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That’s more important to me at this point in any new phone I get. Nick Gallant Sorry, Thats right. Forgot that part. I get a full day out of it and I’m on it all the time. I charge it fully before bed and when I wake up its only at 95% or 90% if I play music to lull me to sleep.

But I do get it down to about 40% by 8pm or so, so I charge it before bed time and I’m good to go. It’s pretty much what I expect from a phone these days if I’m on it all the time. This is all with the GPE 5.0.1 neo905 How much on screen time? I get 3-3.5 hours. Lollipop has really improved standby times but not much else. If I’m on wifi all day it’s great.

In data I get 6-8 hours. What is it like with GPE? Nick Gallant You know what’s funny…

I didn’t know in the battery app breakdown I could tap an item to get that info. My phone is charging now before I used out for the night actually, but I promise to get you a good reading tomorrow from 100% for science’s sake ? neo905 Try it with GSAM app. That’s the best for this stuff, if you can. umhhmm This is my plan as well it will be like having a new phone , even though THC is offering a sense update in a few months i can definitely live without sense so ya this will be my next move ! and after that im done with THC !! umhhmm agreed fudoki But what are the bugs present in 5.0.2 that will be fixed in 5.1? Its always a downer when you are told your phone won’t get any more updates but how bad are these bugs? Might to be too bad. satori3000 I’m trying to find this out myself. I did a cursory search of the changes that 5.1 addresses and can’t find the specific issues.

What I *can* say is that the slow down issues I had with my Nexus 7 did not affect my M7 on Lollipop at all. If there are security issues that we’re not getting then that sucks, but as far as I can tell, I’m missing nothing with not getting 5.1 on my M7. If I find a list of updates I’ll post it here, but I’m not holding my breath. umhhmm agreed Ali F. Battery drain in my case umhhmm there are many complaints about the 5.0.2 update from poor wifi to alarm failure and many more , as of up to this minute i have not experienced any at all of the supposed bugs maybe lucky maybe the download maybe just people whining IDK but i am not having any problems at all with my device or the update so really i do not think that 5.1 is going to make much of a difference !

Columbo Have to agree with this. My previous phone was an HTC, in the two years I owned it I got one small software update which allowed me to swipe to text, cut my battery life in half, and introduced about 4 bugs which were never again addressed. Ken Wiebe Perfectly good reason to stick with Nexus devices.

Anon-e-mouse Nexus devices are only supported for 18 months so the same thing would happen to a 2 year old Nexus phone. I learned that the hard way with my old Galaxy Nexus.

danbob999 Well the Nexus 4 is more than 18 months old and is still supported. Anon-e-mouse Well that’s no fair! lol, Google dropped the ball with the Galaxy Nexus (especially with the Canadian version, they left the updating to Samsung).

Ali F. I converted mine to GPe long time ago. AW Sudo GPe = Google Play Edition, correct? Does it mean it runs stock Android (eg: the version used by Nexus devices) and you can easily flash a custom rom. I am inferring you are running 5.1? Ali F. Yes. It is the Google version and I get OTA. As for flashing custom ROM, it needs s-off and root. Nick Gallant Me too, 2 days after getting it from Telus.

Loving it! I previously had a Desire (Bravo) and had been swapping ROMs all the time. I love the stability of running this as a Nexus device. Better than any other Nexus device really and haven’t had to screw around with it since I loaded it up. neo905 Wrong.

You can get a Nexus device if you care about updates forever. Otherwise, you buy a Android with a skin you prefer knowing because it isn’t stock updates will stop eventually.

The choice is yours. neo905 Great.

You are going to go there. I still have my iPhone 4 running 8.02 and it runs like crap and last 4 hours and a full charge.

Not really much to brag about. The phone is as useless as your trolling and a Galaxy Nexus.

neo905 Exactly, and you can’t remove the Apple battery so who cares about updates because the battery turns to garbage. The hardware can’t support the new software so the benefit of continued software support is a misnomer and just there for you to brag about.

Noboby on here cares about the latest software on a 4 year old phone whether Android or Apple so bringing that up is silly. I have it still but would never use it at this point other than a remote and software updates killed that phones performance 2 years after I got it which was part of the reason I wanted a new phone in the first place.

John Stamos You are the trolliest troll that ever trolled. Tmack Could always buy an iPhone that gets support for 2 years before Apple beefs up iOS enough to make your third update so taxing on your phone even swiping through your pages of apps lags the phone.

Anyways that really sucks for users of the M7 the choice is to live with the issues of 5.0.2 or to root your phone (not everyone is comfortable doing this). I’ve long since stayed clear of HTC and seeing this just confirms i made a smart choice. Even Samsung has been providing more support for flagship devices then this (and that’s Samsung lol) neo905 The S4 that came out the same time as the M7 still hasn’t received Lollipop.

The S5 just got it and the M8 got it waaaay before it. The Note 3 took forever. The Note 2 still doesn’t have. I disagree.

Tmack Can’t argue with the s4 lol but the note2 is also from the generation before the m7, which came out same year as note3. I’m not saying Samsung was faster but they are supporting longer.

As you pointed out the Note2 is getting it Owen T does anyone have battery issues draining/charging problems since the upgrade to lollipop?? mine seems completely all over the place with random discharges…

Greggor M I have considerably faster battery drain than before the ” upgrade” and I’m really regretting doing so…I’m not having any charging issues but a few other annoying glitches have pooped up from time to time..if I could easily go backwards I would in a heartbeat!! depending on weather you are willing to unlock and root your android once this is done the possibilities are endless and long term is available at that point !

umhhmm of course it is there are many devoted developers that will continually updating the m7, or convert to gpe either way you get support for years to come ! ! umhhmm I really shouldn’t go any further with this with someone with such limited knowledge about it but i just converted my HTC ONE M7 to GPE and now i will have direct updates from google for as long as this device survives , so yes it is OEM SUPPORT !!! Brad Fortin Since HTC makes the HTC One M7, that makes them the OEM. Let’s go to the OEM’s website to see what they say about doing what you’re talking about: “Unlocking the bootloader means that you now have the ability to customize software on your device.

Please note that changing your bootloader can cause significant issues with your device and once you have unlocked your device, you have agreed to the disclaimer that states a change in warranty status such that in the event you render your device unusable, you are responsible for the recovery of your device, whether by repair or by other means.” It looks like they don’t offer support for people who do what you do. They’re pretty explicit about it, too. Not sure how you can misread it. Where do you live that “you are responsible for the recovery of your device” means “OEM support”?

Do you work for HTC? Brad Fortin The problem is that I do know what I’m talking about, more than you, that’s why I have sources and proof of what I’m saying. If you think you’re right show me which part of HTC’s website says that flashing a Canadian M7 to GPE is supported under warranty.

Oh, wait, that’s right, I already proved you wrong about that by quoting the section of HTC’s website that says the exact opposite. Unless you think HTC, the OEM, is also wrong about their own policies and products.

umhhmm no you see the problem is that i can’t be bothered continuing this with someone that hasn’t a clue what topic he wants to discuss nor do i have the time to explain to you what you don’t know ! so troll on CLOWN OR IS IT BRAD THE CLOWN ? Brad Fortin “I don’t know what I’m talking about so I’ll give you some bull line about how ‘YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW’ and resort to personal attacks!

” Classy. Also, there’s only ever been one topic, long-term support, which you don’t even seem to understand.

The first thing you say to do is root the device, which immediately cuts off the support we’re talking about, and you can’t even grasp that. You know what the difference is between us? I do my homework, I quote the source material, and I have references for anyone who asks. You just repeat the same thing over and over, never once even trying to prove anything to anyone, even yourself, and when you’re proven wrong beyond any shadow of a doubt you skip right to denial and attacks. Sure, you can give up your long-term support if you want custom ROMs (and a GPE ROM on a non-GPE device IS a custom ROM, by definition of not being the ROM it ships with), self-management, and self-repair, but HTC isn’t going to help you unbrick your phone when something inevitably goes wrong.

One day you might finally realize that the only one who can offer long-term OEM support for a device is the OEM, and when their website says they don’t support rooting they mean they don’t support rooting.